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Working with Federal Laboratories: Best Practices for University-Based Technology Transfer and Licensing Professionals

Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD
Originally presented: Thursday, March 19, 2020

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The U.S. has 17 National Laboratories that conduct a significant amount of research and development projects with universities.  Each laboratory has its own technology transfer office and each project must operate under specific agreement types and terms — some of which are negotiable and some that are set in stone due to federal regulations.

Whether your university is seeking to jointly conduct research, contract for use of space and expertise, or enter into a strategic partnership, Federal Labs are primed with a myriad of options at the ready.  However, there are significant differences between how National Labs and universities are governed, operate, and function. Understanding these differences — and the regulations that affect them — is key to a successful working relationship.

Tech Transfer Central has partnered with Jason Stolworthy, JD, Director of Technology Deployment with the Idaho National Laboratory, to bring you this insightful, one-hour webinar that will focus on the similarities and differences, flexibilities and limitations in negotiating IP, and other best practices on how to engage effectively with a National Laboratory:

Working with Federal Laboratories: Best Practices for University-Based Technology Transfer and Licensing Professionals

Here is a look at what Mr. Stolworthy will cover:

  • Understanding tech transfer at Federal Labs: 
    • Governance
    • Regulations
    • Policies
  • How IP is managed at Federal Labs (in comparison to universities)
  • How to manage your IP when working with Federal Labs and what to expect:
    • Employee Exchanges/Joint Appointments/Internships/Post-Doc R&D
    • Managing jointly owned IP
    • Collaborative agreements
    • Fully sponsored agreements
  • Insight into the unique tech transfer programs at Federal Labs

Meet Your Program Leader:

Jason StolworthyJason Stolworthy, JD
Director of Technology Deployment
Idaho National Laboratory

Over his career, Jason has specialized all matters related to innovating, protecting, transferring and commercializing technologies developed from research in diverse environments at universities, private international organizations, and National Laboratories and has specialized in starting up and turning around technology transfer offices.  Since joining INL in 2016, he and his team have significantly increased INL’s performance in deploying technologies, which included implementing innovation methodologies and entrepreneurial culture strategies.  Previously, Jason served as the Director of Intellectual Property Management for the Qatar Foundation, which set the nation’s technology transfer strategies and established Qatar’s first technology transfer office. He is a registered patent attorney. 

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