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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector: From Idea to Funding to Launch

By Luis Pareras, MD, PhD, MBA
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462 pages
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector: From Idea to Funding to LaunchClick here To see what healthcare industry experts are saying about Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector: From Idea to Funding to Launch!

This unique guidebook addresses a common gap in tech transfer organizations:  many physicians and healthcare workers have valuable ideas for improving patient care, but the majority of these innovative ideas for new technologies never make it to market. Instead, many are sidetracked by the pressures of patient care and practice management or sabotaged by legal, financial and marketing complexities that are part of the innovation process. Now with the all-new book Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector, you’ll have proven strategies and real-world guidance for turning these new ideas into real-world products, patents, and profits.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector combines clinical skills and business savvy with step-by-step guidance for moving beyond the generation of an idea to the creation of a business plan, the development of a proposal, and testing and evaluating a product. You’ll also find critical strategies and techniques for developing and protecting your valuable intellectual property.

This 462-page book provides a clear road map for nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among clinical innovators and applying proven business principles to fast-track new ideas into the marketplace. It features specialized guidance for researching the competitive landscape, protecting intellectual property, developing the right business and marketing plans, getting funding, and going to market.

Here is just a sampling of the some of the practical strategies included in this invaluable book:

  • Motivating entrepreneurial thinking
  • Understanding the difference between a good idea and an opportunity
  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Evaluating the real-world potential for a new innovation, device, or product
  • Creating a stellar business plan that fast-tracks progress
  • Identifying the right investors and raising capital — the rules of the game
  • Making the right marketing and distribution decisions
  • Leveraging “MBA skills” — deal-making, valuation, negotiation, strategy, and communication

Plus much, much more…

About the Author
Luis Pareras, MD, PhD, MBA
is Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Barcelona Medical Association.  He is a neurosurgeon and has a Global Executive MBA from IESE Business School. An entrepreneur himself and author of more than 20 books, Dr. Pareras serves on the boards of several healthcare start-ups and venture capital firms. His mission is to help physicians with the analysis and launch of new products and ventures in life sciences, medical devices, services and IT in the healthcare sector.

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