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Mind the Gap Report

The Technology and Startup Gap Funding and Accelerator Program Report
Published by innovosource
Format: PDF
Publication Date: 2022
120+ pages
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Mind the Gap ReportThe innovation system that transitions breakthroughs in research from the lab to the marketplace is constrained by the lack of available early-stage capital and development support. 

To address this challenge, research institutions and partners have created technology and startup gap funding and accelerator support programs as capital and innovation support mechanisms. Their models and structures vary, as do their levels of success, and the Mind the Gap 2022 report is your essential guide to ensuring your programs are effective in moving technologies forward with long-term impact on your innovation ecosystem.

The Mind the Gap 2022 report is a detailed development guide for current and aspiring university gap fund managers that reviews and analyzes 176 active translational research, proof of concept, startup, and venture gap fund and accelerator programs operating at 97 universities, hospitals, labs, and affiliated organizations.

The report includes:

Analyzing Early-Stage Capital Funds

Assesses traditional and emerging forms of early-stage capital, including venture capital, angel investment, public funds, and private accelerators — and where this critical gap funding fits and supports technology and startup development.

Raising and Sustaining Gap Funds

Provides practical strategies for structuring, raising, and sustaining program funds including an analysis of university re-investment, philanthropic avenues, and public and private sources.

Delivering Impact from Gap Funds

Demonstrates specific methods to measure and report impact backed by outcomes, including funding activity and commercialization benchmarks, economic development and job creations, outside capital attraction, and return on investment.

Modeling the Gap Funding Process

Describes the operational framework for a full four-step gap funding process including communicating the program, diligence and evaluation of opportunities, funding and establishing milestones, and management and oversight

Cultivating Tech and Startup Support Programs

Highlights innovative support approaches including advisory boards, mentorship, opportunity development, space, and others that encourage asset and startup development and engage students, faculty, mentors, and commercial and investment partners.

Plus: Over 50 Charts, Figures, and Diagrams in Mind the Gap 2022 are individually downloadable

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A tool to support your program

The Mind the Gap Report was written to save program managers and partners time and resources. No need to start from scratch, to commission your own benchmarking effort, or to build the case for stakeholders and leadership.

Mind the Gap 2022 covers these critical areas essential to your program’s success:

  • Analysis of Early-Stage Capital Continuum
  • Defining and Positioning the Role of Gap Funds
  • Raising and Sustaining Gap Funds
  • Structuring the Gap Fund Model
  • Managing the Gap Fund Process
  • Defining and Benchmarking Gap Fund Impact

The Mind the Gap 2022 report contains data and information based on:

  • 176 gap funds affiliated with 97 research institutions  
  • 37 U.S. states and eight countries included
  • $665M raised for 7,370 gap-funded technologies and startups
  • $8B in outside attracted capital
  • 1,469 startups and 16,757 new jobs created
  • 992 projects licensed to existing companies

Mind the Gap is already assisting over 150 organizations in their gap funding operations. This cost- and time-saving resource will provide you with gap fund program strategies to help relieve the bottlenecks in your innovation system. Whether it’s ideas for benchmarking, program development, or stakeholder communication, this report will support your effort.

Mind the Gap 2022 is a must have tool for:

  • Research universities and labs developing or evolving their GAP programs
  • Tech-based economic development programs
  • Incubators, accelerators, and research parks
  • Corporate innovation and venture groups
  • Early-stage venture capital and angel investors

Purchase the full report for $499. You will receive:

  • Organizational license to the full Mind the Gap 2022 report – share it with staff and leadership throughout your office
  • Access to online database of reports and 50+ figures/charts for use in creating internal proposals and presentations

About the publisher

Technology Transfer Tactics is proud to partner with innovosource in bringing this important gap funding resource to our customers. innovosource has over 17 years of experience and data to supporting the development of and partnerships with university translational research, proof of concept, startup, and venture gap fund and accelerator programs.

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