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Mind the Gap Report

The University Gap Fund and Accelerator Program Report
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Mind the Gap ReportThe Mind the Gap 2020 Report supports the development and effective management of university translational research, proof of concept, startup, and venture gap fund and accelerator programs

The Mind the Gap Report 2020 is a one-of-a-kind guide for current and aspiring university gap fund managers detailing 141 gap funding programs affiliated with 84 research institutions. It provides critical insights and details into their sources of sustainability, processes and management, and ultimately their impact on the innovation community and its capabilities.

Take a look at highlights in the Mind the Gap 2020 Report:

  • 141 gap funds affiliated with 84 research institutions
  • 33 U.S. states and seven countries Included
  • $557M into 6,193 gap-funded technologies and startups
  • 1,262 startups created and 11,331 new jobs
  • $6B in attracted capital to gap funded projects
  • 739 projects licensed to existing companies
  • Engaging thousands of faculty, students, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry members

For over 15 years Mind the Gap Report has been the comprehensive best practices, benchmarking, and program development guide for university affiliated gap fund and accelerator programs

The university innovation system is constrained by the lack of available early-stage capital and development support. This “gap” extends from where the government funding of basic research ends to where existing companies or investors are willing to accept the risk to commercialize or invest in the technology or startup. The negative result is that a great deal of commercial potential and resulting economic benefit is left unrealized because it isn’t funded and supported. 

To address this challenge, research institutions and partners have created technology and startup gap funding and accelerator support programs as a capital and innovation support mechanism.

Mind the Gap 2020 Report is the go-to source for comprehensive best practices, benchmarking, and program development guidance for university affiliated gap fund and accelerator programs with goals such as:

  • Supporting current and aspiring gap fund managers
  • Identifying opportunities for gap funding partnerships with public agencies, industry, and the early-stage investment community
  • Advocating and informing policy-makers as they weigh decisions on future innovation programs and legislation

Through a mix of data, benchmarks, strategies, and impact measures, this valuable report provides success stories that managers and stakeholders can use to build towards their unique fund objectives.

Here are some details inside the Mind the Gap 2020 Report:

Analyzing Early Stage Capital Landscape: Detailed assessments of traditional and emerging forms of early stage capital (VC, angel, public/private funds, accelerators, and crowdfunding) relative to gap funding

Raising and Sustaining Gap Funds:  Actionable strategies for raising/initiating funds and future plans for sustainability based on a full review of current funding sources

Delivering and measuring Impact from Gap Funds: Specific impacts and results of gap funding programs, including financial returns (ROI, leveraged capital), process indicators, economic development measures, and community engagement metrics

Modeling the Gap Funding Process: Design a framework for a full four-step gap funding process from promotion and funding selection and to management and oversight

Cultivating Accelerator Support Programs: Highlighting innovative support programs that are associated with gap funds and help build a community of innovation-minded students, faculty, and mentors

Interviews with Gap Fund Program Leaders: Insights into operations and lessons learned directly from those that manage leading gap fund and accelerator programs

Plus: More than 60 charts, figures, and diagrams to enhance your understanding of gap funding challenges, solutions, and success strategies

 The Mind the Gap 2020 Report would not be possible or nearly as impactful without the partnership of leading gap funding programs from across the globe. This report’s sample consists of 141 distinct gap funding and accelerator programs spread across 84 research institutions and affiliated organizations. 15 Years of Experience and Data. 141 Gap Fund/Accelerator Programs. 84 Universities.

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