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Mind the Gap: The University Student Venture Fund Report

Get this action-oriented roadmap to these unique educational and investment programs at leading universities!
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mind-the-gap-university-student-venture-fund-coverThe Mind the Gap: University Student Venture Fund Report is the first-ever, comprehensive look at student venture funding programs at leading universities. The report details seven leading funds and includes strategies and insights on:

  • Fund structures and management
  • Fund process review
  • Support programs to encourage learning and new ventures
  • ROI and impact measures
  • Selected success stories

Take a look at the in-depth analysis and insights you’ll find in The University Student Venture Fund Report:

  • Fund Structures Including sources of funds, plans for stability, and structure of investment vehicle:
    • Positioning funds in capital continuum
    • Source of funds and plans for sustainability
    • Vintage year and initial size of fund
    • Projected lifetime of fund/chosen investment vehicles
    • Targeted technology areas
  • Fund Process Review Including fund promotion, decision-making, funding timelines, and advisory board formation:
    • Eligibility and selection requirements
    • Fund promotion and marketing
    • Management structure and decision-making
    • Advisory board formation and structure
    • Funding support programs and mechanisms
    • Funding cycles/typical funding levels per investment
    • Use of funds
  • Fund ImpactSupport programs to encourage learning and new ventures:
    • Discussion of key impact metrics
    • ROI/leverage attraction
    • Education and community building
    • Business formation and job creation

Who Will Benefit from the University Student Venture Fund Report?

  • Technology transfer offices
  • Current and aspiring student venture fund managers
  • External stakeholders and policymakers
  • Private investors
  • Economic development authorities

Mind The Gap: University Student Venture Fund Report – Price is $199.

With your purchase you will receive:

  • The full report with an organizational license.
  • Discounts to future Student Venture Fund review Web-workshops

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