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Determination of Royalty Rates for Technology Licensing

Published by Intellectual Property Research Associates, Inc.
By Russell L. Parr
Format: PDF
42 pages
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Determination of Royalty Rates for Technology LicensingGet the tools and guidance you need to successfully value, price, and negotiate technology licenses:

  • Get detailed explanations of royalty rate derivation models
  • Optimize the pricing of your IP
  • Negotiate lucrative licensing deals
  • Support infringement damages

Act now to get this new reference packed with tables and graphics, data analysis, and how-to information on calculating royalty rates for your technology!

Determination of Royalty Rates for Technology Licensing is packed with in-depth, expert information to help you determine an appropriate royalty rate for your specific technology. You’ll find straightforward descriptions and guidance on different models used in calculating royalty rates and valuation. With this 42-page resource you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive review of surveys, data analysis, rules of thumb, profit differential methods and discounted cash flow analysis for determining an appropriate royalty rate for technologies.
  • Guidance on the impact on royalty rates associated with exclusivity, minimum royalty payments, upfront license fees, naked patents, and royalty rates for trade secrets.
  • An example of various methods used to establish a royalty rate range for use in licensing negotiations including:
    • The Profit Split Method
    • The Profit Differential Method
    • A Review of Comparable Technology Licenses
    • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Take a Look at the Detailed List of Topics Covered in Determination of Royalty Rates for Technology Licensing:

  • Royalty Rates Basics
  • 5% of Sales is the Most Common Royalty Rate
  • Forces Driving Royalty Rates
  • Royalty Rate General Guidance
  • Industry Norm Royalty Rates
  • The “25%” Rule
  • Return on R&D Costs
  • The 5% of Sales Method
  • The Analytical Approach
  • Comparable License Transactions
  • Naked Patents
  • Patented Versus Unpatented Technology
  • Minimum Royalties
  • Upfront License Fees
  • Exclusivity
  • Royalty Base
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Determining a Royalty Rate – An Example
  • Royalty Rate References

About the Publisher

Technology Transfer Tactics is proud to partner with IPRA Inc. in bringing this critical reference to our customers. IPRA is a consulting and publishing organization launched in 1993 and headed by founder Russell L. Parr, CFA, ASA, who has over 30 years of consulting experience involving the valuation and pricing of patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intangible assets.

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