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Royalty Rates for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, 8th Edition

Over 30% more royalty rate information than previous edition!
Published by Intellectual Property Research Associates, Inc.
By Russell L. Parr
Format: PDF, Print

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Royalty Rates for Pharmaceuticals & BiotechnologyRoyalty Rates for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology features more real-deal royalty rates, license fees, and milestone payment benchmarks than any other publication.

This just released eighth edition of Royalty Rates for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology contains hundreds of royalty rates and other financial compensation benchmarks that can be used to optimize the pricing of biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovations. You’ll find updated and expanded information from past editions as well as an increased number of reported license agreements. This new edition and the transaction details have been collected from well-established sources over a period of 20 years of research.

Royalty Rates for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology provides real-deal information for hundreds of transactions, including the technology licensed, royalty rates, license fees, and milestone payments.  And it goes well beyond the rates to provide context for each deal analyzed. This unique resource is organized into two useful sections:

The first section covers the theory associated with deriving royalty rates. An overview of intellectual property value is included along with seven methods that can be employed to derive royalty rates: Simple Rules of Thumb, Industry Guidelines, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Risk-Adjusted Net Present Value Analysis, Infringement Damages Analysis, Comparable License Transactions, Investment Rate of Return Analysis, and the Relief-From-Royalty Method.

The second section of this one-of-a-kind report presents detailed financial information from real-world transactions. You’ll find information on the parties involved in the transactions along with a description of the technology exchanged and all financial details that could be discovered.

Summarized below is the royalty rate data found throughout the License Agreement section of this book. Only royalty rates, presented as a percent of sales, are included in the graph below. For license agreements containing more than one rate, all rates are representing with equal weight in the graph.

This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information about the subject matter covered. All of the information in this report has been obtained from reputable and reliable sources and is therefore believed to be accurate. The publisher accepts no responsibility for any damages that any party may experience from relying on the information presented herein.

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