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Industry-Sponsored Research Management

Industry-Sponsored Research Management 14-month subscription plus FREE Sponsored Research program

The monthly newsletter devoted to the opportunities and challenges universities face in their industry-sponsored research efforts
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14-month subscription (14 issues, 16 pages)
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Industry-Sponsored Research Management, January 2018Industry-Sponsored Research Management is the first and only publication devoted to helping you expand and expertly manage this increasingly critical aspect of the university’s research enterprise.

BONUS: Preserving Sponsored Research Integrity: Fortifying Contractual Language and University Policy to Prevent Bias and COI

This critical program will dive into best practices that universities can draw upon to ensure the integrity of their corporate-sponsored research through carefully drafted contractual language as well as optimal compliance and COI policies. CLICK HERE for more details on this practical, strategy-filled distance learning bonus.

Once you decide to subscribe to Industry-Sponsored Research Management you will also get these subscriber bonuses:

  • 2 FREE Monthly Issues – a $66 Value: Two monthly issues will be added to your subscription term – you get 14 months for the price of 12!
  • A $100 Subscription Discount, You automatically get $100 off the regular subscription price — you pay only $297.
  • Best Practices in Forming and Managing Industry-University Partnerships: When you become a subscriber you’ll get immediate access to the on-demand video for four outstanding distance learning programs that tackle some of the toughest challenges you face in the industry-sponsored research arena.
  • Industry-Sponsored Research Week, a weekly electronic newsletter update filled with helpful tips, industry news, and special reports!
  • Our 100% no-risk guarantee! If you ever become dissatisfied with Industry-Sponsored Research Management — for any reason — simply notify us and you will receive an immediate refund of your entire subscription fee — NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
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