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Idea-to-Market: A Course in Technology Commercialization

Enhance your professional development skills and earn a Certificate in Technology Commercialization
Published by The Institute of Technology Commercialization
Format: Self-paced, four-course online program including textbooks, lectures, workbooks, and worksheets
Price: $1,995 (regularly $2495)
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Get certified now in technology commercialization at your own pace, in your own time, and in the comfort of your office or home. Idea-to-Market: A Course in Technology Commercialization is a comprehensive training program used by major universities and Fortune 500 companies, and now it’s available online so you or your staff can not only learn the skills needed to turn new technologies into products or new ventures, but also earn a Certificate in Technology Commercialization from the Institute of Technology Commercialization.

This proven, high-level program will provide you with the strategic foundation for planning the most successful route to the marketplace. From assessing commercial potential, to marketing, to developing and scaling up a business, this professional training will solidify your skills – and advance your career — in taking ideas from the lab to market and turning new technology into revenue-generating, sustainable ventures.

The entire four-course program is offered entirely online in a self-paced format. Each course features a combination of lectures, examples, power points, workbooks, and exercises followed by an online assessment. The program consists of 48 contact hours, and participants completing all four courses and passing all four assessments earn a Certificate in Technology Commercialization.

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Idea-to-Market: A Course in Technology Commercialization is designed for technology transfer professionals, corporate entrepreneurs, and researchers who want to excel in taking innovative ideas from the lab to the marketplace. This invaluable course will provide you with a solid foundation in the key elements of technology commercialization, whether via licensing, start-up, or a combination of strategies. You’ll discover how to determine the best path to achieving the most value for your new technologies, and the specific strategies and tactics to bring them from lab to market, from assessment and marketing to venture management and financing.

Once you enroll, we monitor your progress and use time limits for completion to ensure you get the full value of your investment

Participants have 60 days to complete each course. The four modules in the program can be completed in 4 months but no longer than 8 months. As you progress in the program, we keep you moving with reminders to keep you on track, and a timed completion schedule ensures you keep pace. The program is all-inclusive, providing textbooks, lectures, workbooks, and worksheets you’ll use now and in the future. Once you complete the program and online assessment, we’ll send you your official Certificate in Technology Commercialization, ready to frame and display.

Idea-to-Market: A Course in Technology Commercialization

Brought to you by the Institute of Technology Commercialization

Tech Transfer Central is proud to partner with the Institute of Technology Commercialization to bring our customers access to this proven and comprehensive training program. Institute President and course instructor Dr. Alan D. Lish formed the institute to help foster standards in technology commercialization consulting and training, promote best practices in the field, and educate interested participants in the art and science of technology commercialization.

Dr. Lish is an Instructional Assistant Professor at the University of Houston, has a Master’s of Science degree in Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He has been an entrepreneur all his life, and has started and run businesses in computer hardware, computer software, and Internet marketing services. He has experienced all aspects of technology commercialization, from technology assessments and start-ups to liquidity events and venture sales.

Take a look at the 4 courses that make up this comprehensive professional development program:

Course 1Course 2Course 3Course 4

Course 1: Technology Assessment

The course links the activities of research and development, technology transfer, market research, technology entrepreneurship and situation analysis in order to determine a “go/no go” decision about the new technology. Details include:

  • How to assess the commercial viability of a new technology or idea
  • The role of R&D in science and technology commercialization
  • The support available for technology commercialization
  • How to do early-stage market research to assess market opportunities for commercializing products, and assess the competitive landscape

Course 2: Technology Marketing and Strategy

This course covers the unique marketing and strategic concepts related to commercializing new technologies, and the uncertainties that make marketing new technologies different from traditional product marketing. Details include:

  • Marketing concepts central to science and technology commercialization
  • Evaluating and identifying possible target market segments
  • Analyzing the competition, alternatives and substitute products
  • Determining effective product and pricing strategies
  • Assessing the value of strategic alliances
  • Determining effective promotional strategies for high-tech products

Course 3: Technology Venture Management

This course explores best practices in developing organizational skills to foster creative company cultures conducive to commercializing high-tech ventures. Details include:

  • Understanding how to acquire and deploy the resources necessary to commercialize a technology
  • Understanding what it takes to lead a high-tech venture
  • Influencing human behavior and managing teams in high technology products
  • Issues in operations of high-tech ventures, such as outsourcing, strategic alliances, complementary assets and the acquisition of these assets
  • Success and failure factors in high-tech ventures

Course 4: Technology Venture Finance and Business Development

This course covers the unique aspects of planning, presenting, valuing and financing high-tech ventures. It integrates the lessons learned in the first three courses so you can develop a comprehensive business plan and venture strategy. Details include:

  • How entrepreneurs and investors create and build value for themselves and for others
  • Critical tasks need to be accomplished and the hurdles that must be overcome during start-up and early growth of a new venture
  • Financing options available to technology startups
  • How entrepreneurs and investors locate each other
  • Strategies for expanding a new venture through alliances and partnerships
  • How to value technology startups

Enroll now and save $500

Idea-to-Market: A Course in Technology Commercialization consists of 48 contact hours including all course materials and your Certificate in Technology Commercialization. The regular cost of tuition is $2,495. But if you enroll this week the curriculum tuition is just $1,995 — a discount of $500!

Group rates available

Group rates for individuals within the same organization are available. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your needs at

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A note to Technology Transfer leaders: This course is a fantastic way to enhance the skills of new and less experienced staff as well as faculty researchers looking to launch a venture or pursue commercialization skills. If you have multiple staff or faculty you’d like to offer this self-paced online training, contact us at

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