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Easy eNPV™

Published by Justin A. Miller Consulting
Format: Excel Spreadsheet

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Price: $950 (regularly $1,249)
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Easy eNPV is a new software tool that provides its users with unprecedented ability to efficiently and accurately forecast the financial performance of new drug candidates and produce valuations

Valuation and forecasting for new drug candidates is critical in directing product strategy, attracting licensees, and communicating potential value to investors – but generic financial models are simply not equipped to handle the unique complexities associated with pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Now there’s a simple, automated, and customizable forecasting and valuation tool designed specifically for new drug candidates….

Introducing… Easy eNPV™

Forecasting and valuation of new drug candidates is a challenge for life science start-ups, academic institutions, and drug development firms

For example:

  • Early-stage, often preclinical therapeutics often have uncertain clinical development pathways and thus are difficult to value and license
  • The target product profile (TPP) has not been fully articulated
  • Regulatory hurdles are tougher and far from guaranteed, and critical reimbursement pathways are often undeveloped or non-existent

Now, with the new Easy eNPV valuation and forecasting tool, you’ll have a fully automated and user-friendly model that efficiently facilitates this vital strategic task in drug development and licensing

It is the best tool available for the unique financial modeling needed in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Easy eNPV breaks down the individual components of new drug development:

  • Efficiently build a justifiable valuation
  • Assess a variety of indications for drug candidates
  • Forecast costs and sales using built-in data and pre-programmed calculations
  • Utilize referenced assumptions or scenarios you build yourself

Here’s a simplified look at how this unique tool works:

Straightforward and sequential user inputs…


Result in programmed, accurate forecasts…


With minimal effort and little time, you get a comprehensive forecast and defensible valuation


Easy eNPV allows you to:

  • Easily forecast epidemiology (market size), market share, sales revenue, cash flow, profit and loss, and valuation (eNPV –expected net present value).
  • Effortlessly calculate the financial value of new drug candidates at every year and phase of development.
  • Compare the variables that most influence new drug candidate’s financial value such as price, market size, clinical trial length, FDA regulatory exclusivity, and cost of capital (discount rate).
  • Contrast potential indications based on financial attractiveness.
  • Preform multivariate sensitivity analysis to visualize the effect of numerous variables on R&D budgets, cash flow and financial valuation.
  • Models also serve as the basis for licensing and M&A.

The ease of use you’ll find with Easy eNPV is second to none. Our extensive testing provides you with intuitive input-controlled data entry, ensuring that you have entered the correct input.

Create Detailed Forecast and Valuations for Your New Drug Candidates in Six Simple Steps:

Step 1: Identify clinical trial development timeline, intellectual property and FDA designations that calculate market monopolyfrom generic competition

Step 2: Forecast market size

Step 3: Make commercial performance assumptions (price, peak market share, adoption rate, time to peak market share) to arrive at a sales revenue forecast for each year of development

Step 4: Input R&D development and post-FDA approval marketing expenses to calculate profit and loss and capital requirements

Step 5: P&L to net present value (NPV) – almost there!

Step 6: Arriving at valuation – NPV to Expected Net Present Value (also called rNPV – Risk Adjusted Net Present Value)

The program uses a single page to gather your inputs on a specific drug candidate, and all the rest is taken care of for you! Take a look at the components you’ll have at your fingertips with Easy eNPV:


  • Market size
  • Market adoption
  • Sales revenue

Pre-programmed Calculations:

  • Profit and loss (P&L)
  • Operational expenses
  • Valuation – eNPV
  • Value to Licensor
  • Income and Cash Flow Statements

SAVE $299! Purchase Easy eNPV for just $950 (regularly $1,249) and it’s yours WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS!

Once you purchase the Easy eNPV software, it is yours to use without restrictions for up to two users (5-user option also available at checkout), so you can conduct forecasting and valuation analyses for as many new drug candidates or technologies as you would like. No renewal or upgrade fees, no hidden costs — just unlimited use without expiration.

This drug forecasting software is available to you for a limited time at the unbelievably low price of $950. It’s easier to use, more specific to pharma and biotech products, less expensive, and more robust than any other valuation product on the market.

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