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Solar Energy Research: Grants, Contacts, Start-Ups, Patents & Joint Ventures

Published by Primary Research Group
By Carlos Felipe Blanco
Format: Print, PDF

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Solar Energy Research: Grants, Contacts, Start-Ups, Patents & Joint VenturesLearn from key universities in the solar energy research sector worldwide – with trends in activity and support from government, foundations, and industry funding sources

Inside this new report you’ll find charts with details and trends on grant support from leading federal funding agencies such as the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense and others. You’ll also get a closer look at the role of U.S. federal programs working to enable small business technology development. In addition, the report will explore the role of government funding in China, Germany, Japan and elsewhere. This 58-page report will provide you with an overview of where R&D in the solar energy field is currently, and where it’s heading.

The Solar Energy Research report will answer questions such as:

  • Which universities are leaders in solar energy research?
  • Where is their research support coming from?
  • With whom are they cooperating?
  • What are their plans for the future?
  • How are they interfacing with industry?
  • What spin offs, joint ventures, licenses and patents have resulted from their efforts?

This report was written by Carlos Felipe Blanco, an Environmental Engineer and M.Sc. in Industrial Ecology, currently finalizing his PhD program at Leiden University’s Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML).

Solar Energy Research: Grants, Contracts, Start-Ups, Patents & Joint Ventures is available to purchase for the low price of just $295 and is available in print or PDF. You can also make this invaluable resource available to your entire staff with an economically priced site-license purchase – just $450!

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