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U.S. Federal Government Robotics Research Funding

Published by Primary Research Group
By James Moses and Joseph R. Flicek
Format: Print, PDF
82 pages

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U.S. Federal Government Robotics Research FundingThis valuable new report examines research spending on robotics by various arms of the U.S. Government including:

  • National Institutes of Health
  • Department of Defense
  • National Science Foundation
  • Sandia National Laboratory
  • Defense Instrumentation Research Program
  • S. Department of Agriculture
  • National Institute of Standards
  • S. Department of Transportation
  • National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration
  • Congressional Robotics Caucus

Get Detailed Data on Robotics Grants and Contracts from Top U.S. and Foreign Universities

This all-new 82-page report will provide you with detailed data on the volume of grants and contracts obtained by major U.S. universities, university spin-offs, and private contractors. With the U.S. Federal Government Robotics Research Funding report you’ll get a “tour of the horizon” of robotics research funding helping you understand which universities and private contractors are doing well in the fields of robotics and what the future funding landscape looks like from key government agencies.

Take a look at some of the U.S. and foreign universities included in this valuable report: Carnegie Mellon, the University of California Davis, Vanderbilt University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Duke, the University of Minnesota, Oxford, the University of Alabama, the University of Washington, Stanford, Brown, Columbia and many other colleges and universities and private contractors.

The U.S. Federal Government Robotics Research Funding report also covers the National Robotics Initiative, an umbrella initiative for much of U.S. federal robotics research and spending. Launched in 2012, you’ll see how this coalition is investing in the acceleration and development of robotics technologies in the United States.

In addition, the report looks at the funding from U.S. government sources received by companies and universities in Israel, South Korea, Chile, the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy and other countries.

Get a Comprehensive Look at Robotics Activities and Spending Plans from Key U.S. Agencies

With this valuable new report you’ll receive a comprehensive look at federal spending on robotics detailing the activities and spending plans of U.S. agencies. Here’s a quick look at just a small portion of what’s included – CLICK HERE to view the entire Table of Contents, and CLICK HERE for a brief excerpt:

  • National Institute of Health (NIH): Role in Robotics Research and Development
  • NIH Funding for National and Regional Institutes and Corporations
  • NASA Educational Outreach in Robotics
  • NIST Robotics Spending Levels
  • DOT Focus in Robotics Research
  • NSF Robotics Grants to Universities
  • Robotics Research and Development at Sandia: Interests and Goals
  • NOAA Robotics Funding: Grants and Contracts
  • CRC Robotics Briefings: Congress, research experts and the public
  • Foreign Involvement in U.S. Robotics Development
  • Focus of the Air Force Robotics Program
  • The Office of Naval Research (ONR) & The Naval Research Laboratory

This One-of-a-Kind Report Gives You Valuable Data on the Acceleration and Development of Robotics Technologies — at a Very Low Cost!

U.S. Federal Government Robotics Research Funding is available to purchase for the low price of just $345, and is available in print or PDF. You can also make this invaluable resource available to your entire staff with an economically priced site-license purchase – just $550!


Benchmarking Data You Can Trust

You can rely on the accuracy of the detailed data, commentary, and analysis provided in this informative report. The research results in the U.S. Federal Government Robotics Research Funding report were compiled and written by James Moses, President of Primary Research Group, and Joseph R. Flicek, who established the New Ventures Office at Columbia University and served as Director from 1996 to 2002.

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