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RHT Consulting Customized Benchmark Report

Published by RHT Consulting
Format: PowerPoint
25-30 pages

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Price: $4,995
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Finally … Your TTO can get customized benchmark data comparing YOUR office’s performance against TRUE DIRECT PEERS – at a cost far below typical consultant fees

Get the data you need to pinpoint strengths and weakness, and receive specific recommendations for making breakthrough improvements in your TTO’s commercialization effectiveness.

With your Customized Benchmark Report, you’ll receive:

  • A thorough assessment of your TTO’s performance using YOUR data against direct peers
  • Expert recommendations from RHT, one of the leading tech transfer consulting firms, addressing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Specifically tailored high level strategies and tactics to successfully drive your TTO’s performance to new highs

Tech transfer benchmark data can be an essential tool for improving the performance of your TTO. But all too often benchmark data is too broad, not pertinent, or simply limited to analysis with no specific direction or analysis to guide you toward the breakthrough impact you hope to achieve.

Now there is an unprecedented benchmark offering that provides you with the RIGHT benchmarks against the RIGHT peers. In one customized report you’ll receive performance data that gives you a true “apples to apples” comparison versus your direct peers. Your report — created and customized specifically for your TTO — will also include an overview of your office’s efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance in a succinct format including charts and graphs — making it easy for your board, staff, researchers, and other stakeholders to understand. And most importantly, you’ll receive customized solutions you can immediately incorporate that will make an enormous impact on your TTO and accelerate your commercialization activity.

This Tailored Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking Report Gives You the Right Answers Specifically for Your TTO!

How do we do it? RHT Consulting has developed a proprietary qualitative and quantitative benchmarking approach and model based on the key factors that drive TTO performance. After assessing your TTO’s specific procedures and metrics, we then tailor our model and your Customized Benchmark Report to align with your mission and strategy.

You’ll get outstanding results when you order the unique Customized Benchmark Report — created for your office based on your data and your peers.

We Will Exceed Your Expectations

With more than 20 years of experience, RHT Consulting leadership has been the trusted advisor for TTOs, small innovative start-up companies as well as 20% of the Fortune 50. Our unrelenting commitment to developing fact-based insights and recommendation has created breakthrough value for our clients.

Your Customized Benchmark Report will range between 25-30 pages in PowerPoint. Here’s a look at a couple of sample slides:

  • A view of how your organization fares versus best in class

  • A view of your organization versus direct peers as it relates to efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance.

There is no other source in the industry that can provide you with this type of in-depth, high-level, customized data without charging tens of thousands of dollars over many months. But with RHT’s unique data set compiled from years of detailed analysis, we’re able to offer this set of data and detailed recommendations at the flat rate of $4,995 — a small fraction of what you would spend with any consultant for a tailored, peer-to-peer assessment. This is truly a small price to pay for essential data that will dramatically improve the performance of your TTO.

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2Market Information Inc. and RHT Consulting are also offering a 5-day consulting package which includes the Customized Benchmark Report, as well as a week-long engagement during which you and your staff will receive a complete roadmap and breakthrough performance guidance. CLICK HERE to schedule a follow-up consultation with no cost or obligation.

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