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RoyaltyStatistics Royalty Rate Database

Get a full year’s access to this continuously updated database with over 17,000 royalty rate reports and key licensing terms from unredacted license agreements

  • 17,028 License Reports

  • 41 Industries

  • 26 Agreement Types

  • 194 Countries

RoyaltyStatistics provides royalty rates based on net sales, including the median, average and interquartile range

This online database includes over 17,000 structured reports of royalty rates and key licensing terms extracted from unredacted license agreements. RoyaltyStatistics data and automated statistical analysis tools are used by universities, governments, corporations, consultants, and legal professionals worldwide for licensing, litigation, transfer pricing, purchase price allocation, and technology transfer.

University and non-profit pricing

RoyaltyStatistics Royalty Rate ReportHere’s what you get with the RoyaltyStatistics database:

For just $600, you get a pre-paid package of 30 structured royalty reports – for universities and non-profits, that’s double the regular offer of 15 reports. 

Use the precise search filters to find the royalty rates and agreements that fit your project or technology sector. Then download royalty reports that summarize key license terms, providing documentation and guidance for licensing, IP valuation, purchase price allocation, and litigation. Reports include: royalty rate, licensing terms, and patent numbers (if applicable).

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Unlimited searches to quickly find royalty rates

With 14 comparability filters and predictive keyword search, you’ll generate a narrow range of results and avoid sifting through irrelevant results. Fields include: royalty rates, intangible type, industry, licensor and licensee names, exclusivity, duration, and territory.

royalty rate search

In-depth royalty rate statistical analysis

Generate royalty statistics for your search data set prior to downloading a prepaid royalty report. Statistics include the average, standard deviation, median, and interquartile range. View by industry, intellectual property type, effective year, region, or country.

royalty rate analysis

Trustworthy sources of royalty rates and help with your search activity

Royalty rates are sourced from unredacted license agreements filed as Exhibits with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and from other sources. Plus, upon request you’ll receive expert advice from our experienced team with knowledge-based support to construct your searches and find comparable royalty rates.

royalty rate search results

RoyaltyStatistics covers 41 industries including:

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Telecom
  • Oil & Gas
  • Apparel & Textiles
  • Software
  • Business Services
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Financial Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Agriculture
  • And nearly 30 other key markets

For just $600 you’ll receive:

  • 30 prepaid royalty reports (add more reports if you need them for just $36 USD each)
  • Unlimited searches
  • Royalty rates statistics by industry, type, and year
  • License description
  • Fast search engine
  • Help on request from our customer support team
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