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Sectilis® Royalty Rates to Benchmark Intangibles

Published by Sectilis
Format: Live Database Subscription

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Price: Starting at $600
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Sectilis® Royalty Rates to Benchmark Intangibles

Get a full year of database and benchmarking analytics access with unlimited searches of royalty rates from unredacted license agreements

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Take a look at these Sectilis® features that will enable you to benchmark royalty rates that reflect real-world conditions:

  • The Most Up-to-Date Data: Sectilis® adds new data on a daily basis, ensuring you have access to the most recent disclosed transactions.
  • Powerful Search Engine & Analytics: Unlimited searches with advanced filters, license descriptions and benchmarking analytics enable you to parse and analyze data to determine the effects of contractual terms.
  • Prepaid Royalty Rate Reports: Detailed transaction breakdowns include the royalty rate, licensing terms & patent number (if applicable) to facilitate analysis and documentation. Click here to view a sample report.
  • Summary Statistics: Royalty rate statistics by industry, IP type, effective year, region and country enable you to test the reasonability of your royalty range.

Each subscription includes knowledge-based customer service by experienced representatives, including assistance with the formulation of search criteria to find comparable royalty rates.

Royalty rates are sourced from RoyaltyStat®, an industry-leading database comprised of 21,272 unique and unredacted license agreements filed with U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, with new data added daily.

Take a closer look at what makes Sectilis® the ultimate tool to benchmark a reasonable royalty rate

Sectilis® covers 41 industries and all intellectual property types, including but not limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech
  • Environmental & Green Technology
  • Energy
  • Agriculture & Animals
  • Software
  • Chemicals
  • Telecom
  • Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Telecom
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Educational Services
  • Metal and Mining
  • Automotive
  • Computer Hardware
  • Semiconductors
  • Security and Safety
  • Financial Services
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation and Logistics

Sectilis® offers the most advanced royalty rate search engine & benchmarking analytics tools:

Search Engine: Perform broad or narrow searches with 14 filters, including industry, agreement (IP) type and licensor/licensee type.


Benchmarking Analytics: Automatically generate custom statistics on your search results or selection for comparative analysis of contractual terms and other criteria. 


Royalty Rate Reports: Sectilis’ detailed transaction breakdowns are included in your subscription and provide all the required information for additional analysis and documentation. Unique license descriptions give you a snapshot of the transaction in the search results and it’s just one click to download the full report. To see a sample royalty rate report, click here.

See what our customers are saying about Sectilis®

“Built-in Analytics are the ‘piece de resistance’ enabling clients to go from summary statistics and royalty rates visualization to regression analysis. Sectilis® is impressive!”

“The biggest thing that’s different with Sectilis® is that it eliminates the obstacle to getting our intangible benchmarking done.”

“I would definitely recommendSectilis®. It’s an excellent benchmarking tool to find comparable royalty rates.”

“Sectilis® is a great tool and it’s helping us to grow our business. As our intangible benchmarking tool, Sectilis® pays for itself many times over.”

Plus: In an exclusive partnership with Sectilis®, Tech Transfer Central is doubling the number of royalty rate reports included in your subscription! Here are the details:

Two low-cost subscription options designed to fit your specific needs:

  • 15,981 license agreements.
  • Unlimited searches.
  • 20 prepaid royalty rate reports, subsequent reports are $29.99 each. Universities and non-profits get double the reports – 40 included in the Starter Subscription
  • Royalty rate statistics by industry, type, and year.
  • Agreements description.
  • Fast search engine.
  • All purchases are final (no refunds).
  • 15,981 license agreements.
  • Unlimited searches.
  • 100 prepaid royalty reports, subsequent reports are $24.99 each. Universities and non-profits get double the reports – 200 included in the Professional Subscription
  • Royalty rate statistics byindustry, type, and year.
  • Agreements description.
  • Fast search engine.
  • All purchases are final (no refunds).

Technology Transfer Tactics partners with the experienced Sectilis® team to bring you access to this powerful database

Through a new partnership between Tech Transfer Central and Sectilis®, you now have access to this incredibly powerful royalty rates database – at a price you can afford.

Lock in your subscription now for Just $600 — universities and non-profits get double the value!

Choose the $600 one-year Starter Subscription option and you’ll have unlimited search capability and access to 20 prepaid royalty reports – 40 reports for universities and non-profits. Or choose the Professional Subscription option and you’ll have access to 100 prepaid reports – 200 reports for universities and non-profits.

A Sectilis® subscription will save you time and give you access to the most up-to-date data and powerful analytics

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