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The Guide to Commercializing Mobile Apps on Campus

a four-session distance learning program
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Mobile apps are a different breed of IP that requires a different approach to commercialization.

For university TTOs, mobile apps present a tremendous opportunity for new revenues as well as new relationships with the hundreds of students and faculty creating apps on campus. But the fast-moving mobile app market is a different animal with its own unique challenges and complexities – as well as unfamiliar legal issues that can derail your efforts and lead to time-consuming, costly litigation. 

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has created The Guide to Commercializing Mobile Apps on Campus — a 4-session distance learning collection — to help you tap into the massive apps marketplace as a way to enhance TTO revenue and better serve your student and faculty app developers.

Along with over 4 hours of solid advice and actionable takeaways, you’ll receive 50 pages of program materials created by the session leaders. And, if you order today, you’ll save $100 on the purchase price! (Regular price $497 – you pay only $397!)

See below for individual session details…

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Session 1:
Create a New Revenue Stream by Supporting On-Campus App Developers


Dr. Svetlana Sowers, Assistant Director and Technology Manager at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Michael Halbrook, Former Senior Project Manager in the Office of Technology Commercialization at the Purdue Research Foundation

Here’s what you’ll learn in this business-building program:

  • How to identify the app “hotbeds” on your campus
  • Strategies for getting faculty and student developers to disclose to the TTO
  • Tips for engaging in campus-wide education of what support mechanisms the TTO has to offer mobile app developers
  • IP protection for mobile apps
  • Guidance on how to convert disclosures into revenue
  • University of Illinois’ mobile initiative
    • Mobile Application Center and Mobile Application Day
    • Examples of applications published so far at the University of Illinois iOS and Android Marketplace portals
  • Purdue Research Foundation’s mobile initiative
  • And much more!

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Session 2:
Commercializing Mobile Apps: Effective Management of Legal Threats and Challenges


Anurag Bist, PhD, Founder and Chairman, Ashmar IP
Andrew K. Gonsalves, Esq.
, Senior Attorney, Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C.
Hossein Pourmand, Assistant Director for Physical Sciences & Engineering Technology Advancement and Licensing, USC Stevens Center for Innovation.

Learn how to best manage and overcome the legal challenges facing mobile apps commercialization efforts. After a brief overview of mobile application commercialization models, our panelists will cover:

  • The regulatory issues (e.g. FDA, Privacy Acts etc.) that inventors, entrepreneurs, TTOs, and investors must be mindful of
  • Ownership and licensing issues – and how to protect the various forms of IP associated with a successful app, including:
    • The software that runs the app     
    • The toolkit that enables the app to function on the mobile platfor
    • The icon that users click to launch the app
    • Patentable processes
    • Updates and future iterations
    • Legal issues surrounding contractors (work-made-for-hire)
  • Critical legal issues related to:
    • Private data collection
    • Media clips and images
    • Open source code
    • End-user privacy
    • End-User License Agreements
  • Legal Issues Involving advertising and promotional material in mobile apps
    • Federal (e.g., FCC, FTC) and state laws/regulations
    • Third-party advertising, promotional material, contests (e.g., sweepstakes)
  • Crafting a university mobile app development policy,  or updating existing software development policy to cover mobile apps

PLUS: Examples and case studies of fundamental technologies being commercialized through apps

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Session 3:
Increase Mobile App Disclosures through On-Campus Contests: Case Study of UPenn’s “AppItUp Challenge”


Michael Poisel, Director, PCI Ventures
Karina Sotnik, Senior Consultant, PCI Ventures

The University of Pennsylvania’s UpStart Program has a success story to share – a campus-wide competition called AppItUp. The competition casts a wide net looking for the next big app idea, tapping not only computer scientists and business majors but also nurses, doctors, historians, poets, lawyers and anyone else who has an app idea but no way of making it a reality.  The AppItUp challenge serves to filter through these ideas to find the most promising, then works with partners in mobile app funding, development and marketing to build companies around these high-potential apps. During this program, you’ll hear directly from two tech transfer execs who have been instrumental in the successful app development program.

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Session 4:
Mobile App Accelerators on Campus: How TTOs Can Gain New Revenues and Enhance Engagement


Jai Rajendran, Technology and Business Development Manager, Oklahoma State University’s Technology Development Center
Karina Sotnik, Assistant Director, PCI Ventures, University of Pennsylvania

This how-to program features Oklahoma State University’s Mobile App Center and the University of Pennsylvania’s AppItUp accelerator in an information-packed session that will compare and contrast each accelerator as well as provide best practice advice and reveal lessons learned. Our expert presenters will discuss:

  • How and why each accelerator was established
  • Each program’s end-goal: One is service-oriented and one is committed to forming companies
  • How each accelerator is monetizing their apps and what it means to their bottom line
  • Details regarding each program’s annual app development competitions
  • The criteria each looks for in an app such as:
    • Social impact
    • Fundable
    • Scalable
    • Practicality, and more…
  • Each program’s relationship with their university’s Technology Transfer Office
  • Statistics on each accelerator’s impact on local and regional economic growth
  • Highlights of each program’s successes, failures and future plans for growth

To make this outstanding collection most useful to you and your organization, with your purchase you receive:

  • On-Demand Video access to all programs
  • Transcripts to all programs
  • Access to all of the original program materials including slideshows and handouts for attendees
  • Note: A DVD copy of the collection is available for an additional $50.

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