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The Tech Transfer Multi-Media Marketing Bundle

Format: Available as Video/PDF combo or DVD/Print combo

Includes the special report IP Marketing Strategies and Tactics AND the top-rated webinar Selling University IP In Cyberspace


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This one-of-a-kind multi-media pack includes our brand-new, 74-page book: IP Marketing Strategies and Tactics, and a DVD or online video of our highly-successful webinar: Selling University IP In Cyberspace: Best Practices In Web-Based Marketing For Tech Transfer Professionals.

Both resources will provide you with top-notch strategies guaranteed to beef up your marketing efforts — and ultimately sign more deals. Take a sneak peek at the IP Marketing Strategies and Tactics table of contents and the program agenda for Selling University IP In Cyberspace: Best Practices In Web-Based Marketing For Tech Transfer Professionals below:

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IP Marketing Strategies and TacticsFind proven strategies that will help you market your IP more effectively to corporations and investors and bring in more patent-worthy research

Table of Contents

  • Full-time TTO marketing director: Nice to have, or need to have?  … p.1
  • Making a great ‘elevator’ pitch: Short, simple, and focused on benefits   … p. 5
  • “Star Chamber” taps into outside experts, sets stage for future deals   … p. 8
  • Online newsletter helps TTO spread the word   … p. 10
  • Seven NYC institutions produce “combo” marketing brochure to promote their IP   … p. 12
  • U-Mich broadens industry outreach with Business Engagement Center   … p. 14
  • Tech transfer marketing guru offers best practices and benchmarks   … p. 15
  • ‘Kill package’ can help inventors understand why prospects say ‘no’   … p. 17
  • University offers SBIR/STTR program to local businesses   … p. 19
  • Licensees reveal what attracts them — and what turns them cold   … p. 20
  • Tailor follow-up packages to the needs of your prospects   … p. 22
  • The promise and pitfalls of using an IP exchange   … p. 24
  • Comparison shopping for an IP exchange   … p. 27
  • Make sponsored research staff your IP marketing allies   … p. 31
  • Press releases a vital ingredient in your IP marketing recipe   … p. 34
  • ‘First look forums’ plant seeds for investment in early-stage research   … p. 36
  • TTO places product pipeline on the web to drive commercialization   … p. 37
  • New web site boosts exposure for U of Delaware’s technology   … p. 40
  • Convene your own investor forum to match innovations with funding sources   … p. 43
  • TTO accesses network of 200,000 experts to enhance marketing   … p. 46
  • IP auctions offer new avenue for monetizing your innovations   … p. 49
  • ‘Timing is everything’ may apply to tech transfer marketing efforts   … p. 51
  • Inexpensive ‘patent plaques’ make big impression on faculty   … p. 52
  • Marketing ‘slow movers’ takes a combination of realism, creativity   … p. 53
  • ‘Cyberpitch’ system offers new vehicle for tech transfer marketing   … p. 56
  • Conference sponsorship pays off as IP marketing strategy   … p. 59
  • Want to “brand” your tech transfer office? Here’s how   … p. 61
  • IP marketers mine inventors’ contacts for prospective licensees   … p. 64
  • ‘Cold e-mailing’ may beat cold calling in marketing effectiveness   … p. 67
  • Department-level web pages enhance TT office’s internal marketing efforts   … p. 69
  • Make the most of your TTO’s exhibit booth investment   … p. 71
  • “Speed dating” accelerates researcher-industry matches   … p. 74

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Selling University IP In Cyberspace: Best Practices In Web-Based Marketing For Tech Transfer Professionals

In this how-to session, you’ll learn detailed tactics and techniques to turn your website and electronic marketing efforts into valuable tools for building your TTO’s brand, generating leads, and getting your IP if front of more licensee “eyeballs” — so you can sign more deals.

You’ll learn:

  • How to take your website from being a “lay-over” to a “destination”
  • What key words and phrases may actually hurt your marketing performance
  • Proven methods to drive up licensing revenue through vertical marketing, organic and paid SEO and SEM, and e-mail
  • How to use blogs, podcasts, video, RSS feeds and other content-rich methods to increase your online results
  • How to create and implement a solid web marketing plan
  • How to identify the weak links in your website
  • Valuable tips on how to grow and maintain your e-mail marketing list
  • Compliance rules for steering clear of anti-spam laws
  • Creative web and e-mail layout tips and testing strategies and more
  • Click here for complete program description

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