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Data Licensing, Protection and Policy for Universities

A Two-Session Distance Learning Collection
Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD
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When it comes to data and its monetization, things are different – and more complex – than with the intellectual property TTOs, licensing professionals, and IP attorneys typically deal with. Laws and regulations relating to consent and privacy must be navigated, along with issues related to the rights of the licensee and how royalties are distributed. And while virtually all institutions have patent policies in place covering ownership and handling of patentable inventions, data policies are still very mixed and sometimes completely absent. As more and more institutions monetize their data, the importance of a well-considered institutional data policy has become critical.

That’s why we’ve produced the distance learning collection Data Licensing, Protection and Policy for Universities, featuring two outstanding programs that combined will give you a clear roadmap for how to nail down data policies, address the tricky issues related to privacy, effectively protect your data-driven innovations, and license your valuable data to third parties while steering clear of legal potholes.

Data Licensing, Protection and Policy for Universities

Order now for just $277 (nearly $120 off the regular price of $394), and you will receive the digital package (on-demand video and transcript), along with all program materials prepared by our expert panelists. You can share it throughout your organization!

Here are some brief details of each program in the collection – click on the titles for more in-depth program and faculty details:

Reinforcing University IP Policies to Protect Data Ownership & Monetization

In this 80-minute program you’ll get expert guidance on filling the gaps in your IP policy to encompass data, its use in technologies, and its monetization:

  • Understanding the licensing potential for clinical data sets in a variety of technology arenas
  • Data ownership issues
  • Identifying gaps in IP policy data coverage
  • Data storage, retention and access considerations
  • How to get data producers to apprise the TTO of the data
  • How data can be monetized
  • Licensing considerations
  • Distribution of income received from monetized data

Data Licensing and Privacy Protection Workshop for University TTOs

This one-hour workshop discusses:

  • The unique IP protection needs and licensing potential for clinical data sets in a variety of technology arenas including:
    • Life Sciences
    • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
    • Relational Databases
  • Guidelines for decision-making regarding what data sets can and cannot be licensed based on the research agreement parameters or sponsoring organization regulations
  • Drafting and negotiating controls over data use, distribution, and sub-licensing rights in the license agreement
  • The increasing role of privacy as it related to data and its monetization
  • Overview of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • How regulations/legislative measures affect privacy, use and potential monetization of data

To make this outstanding collection most useful to you and your organization, with your purchase you receive:

  • On-Demand Video access to all programs
  • Transcripts to all programs
  • Access to all of the original program materials including slideshows and handouts for attendees
  • Note: A DVD copy of the collection is available for an additional $50.

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