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Drafting and Negotiating Industry-Sponsored Research Agreements

A Four-Session Distance Learning Collection
Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD

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Landing an industry research partnership is no easy task and can take years to complete, but in many cases the “last mile” – when contracts are negotiated and drafted — is the toughest. It’s also the point at which the long-term value you hope to create with your corporate partner can either be cemented or put in jeopardy.

The terms you agree on can set the stage for an incredibly productive and long-lasting relationship, but without proper alignment and careful drafting they can also set the deal up for confusion, conflict and failure.

That’s why we’ve created Drafting and Negotiating Industry-Sponsored Research Agreements, a four-program distance learning collection that’s filled with best practices, expert guidance, and key strategies that will ensure your industry partnership agreements are built to last.

Drafting and Negotiating Industry-Sponsored Research Agreements

These programs cover some of the most critical and trickiest issues you’ll face, including master research agreements, IP rights, preferential rights, and conflicts of interest.

It’s all here in over four hours of distance learning sessions that you can share with staff and keep for future education and training. For only $397 – less than $100 per session – you get on-demand, anytime access to these valuable programs, plus the transcripts and original program materials meticulously prepared by each session leader.

Read on for details of each program’s agenda, and click the title of each session for more  information and session leader biographies.

Session 1: Drafting and Negotiating Master Research Agreements

  • The role and importance of master research agreements
  • Negotiating terms and conditions related to:
    • Funding
    • Payment agreements
    • Background IP disclosures
    • Foreground IP
    • Improvements
    • Publication
    • Conducting the scope of work proposed
  • Contract issues that need to be carefully considered:
    • Liability/indemnification
    • Choice of law
    • Intellectual property
    • International issues

Session 2: Drafting and Negotiating IP Rights in Sponsored Research Agreements

  • Understanding the parties’ interests:
    • Motivation for entering into an agreement
    • Research and business cultures
    • Knowing the overall objectives of each party
  • Best practices for negotiating difficult key provisions:
    • IP rights, present and future
    • Liability
    • Indemnification and more…
  • How to avoid risks to tax exempt status
  • Examples of model language that leads to effective collaboration
  • Facing and overcoming licensing challenges:
    • Sublicenses
    • Licenses meant to advance sponsored research

Session 3: Drafting and Negotiating Preferential Rights in University IP Licenses and Sponsored Research Agreements

  • The four main types of preferential rights and their use, benefits and limitations:
    • Options
    • Rights of first refusal
    • Rights of first offer
    • Rights of first negotiation
  • How to use preferential rights as a negotiation tool with licensees and potential research sponsors
  • Examples of agreements and contract language
  • Key strategies for negotiating rights to Improvements with research partners and licensees
  • Field-of-use provisions, and how they may fit into the preferential rights discussion
  • Structuring incentives to sublicense outside of field of use

Session 4: Preserving Sponsored Research Integrity: Fortifying Contractual Language and University Policy to Prevent Bias and COI

Contract issues:

  • Intellectual property
    • Bayh Dole
    • Appropriate obligations on IP
    • Investigator-led projects
    • Sponsor-led projects
    • Appropriate commercialization terms
  • Research integrity
    • Publication must be absolute
    • Appropriate delay for review
    • No editorial control by sponsor

Compliance issues:

  • Ensuring appropriate data maintenance
  • Ensuring appropriate regulatory control
    • IACUC
    • IRB
    • FDA
  • Identifying conflicts of interest
  • Appropriate COI management plans

To make this outstanding collection most useful to you and your organization, with your purchase you receive:

  • On-Demand Video access to all programs
  • Transcripts to all programs
  • Access to all of the original program materials including slideshows and handouts for attendees
  • Note: A DVD copy of the collection is available for an additional $50.

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