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Invention Disclosure Management: Proven Strategies for Boosting Quantity and Assessing Quality

A Three-Session Distance Learning Collection
Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD
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Invention Disclosure ManagementDisclosures are the lifeblood of the university innovation cycle, and a huge portion of your TTO’s time is spent vetting and analyzing them for potential commercialization. On one hand, you don’t want to skim over your backlog and potentially miss a windfall. And on the other, too often you find yourself spinning your wheels on disclosures that just don’t make the grade to appease faculty egos. It’s a catch-22.

We’ve created a collection of distance learning programs that target key disclosure management challenges, including faculty outreach and engagement, effective triage, and standardizing post-disclosure activity and communication.

Order Invention Disclosure Management: Proven Strategies for Boosting Quantity and Assessing Quality today and for $379 you will receive the digital package (on-demand video and transcript), along with all program materials prepared by our expert panelists.

See below for individual session details:

Session One:
Get Aggressive and Double Your Faculty’s Invention Disclosure Rate

How does your disclosures-per-researcher or per-research-dollar stack up against similar institutions? Is the rate rising or falling? What do faculty surveys reveal? What roadblocks can be addressed, and how can the process be made more efficient? Are your outreach efforts working, and can they be enhanced? Those questions are critical, but they only tell part of the story. In this nuts-and-bolts case study you’ll hear dozens of tested and proven-effective strategies for improving faculty relations, conducting impactful outreach, and dramatically increasing the number of high-quality disclosures coming into your TTO.

Presented by: Garold Breit, CLP, Director of Innovation Management, University of Louisiana- Lafayette

Session Two:
Improving Disclosure Triage: Proven Methods to Assess Commercial Viability of University IP

This cutting-edge program will teach you how to weed out the weaklings and push the strongest technologies through the system for maximum return on your investment. You will learn how to perform a comprehensive invention evaluation, improve your existing process, and use the analysis to either identify hurdles to commercialization or build a business case for a technology.

Presented by: Michael Manion, BSc(Hons), PhD, MBA, Founder, Invention Evaluator

Session Three:
Technology Commercialization Roadmap: Communicate Progress with Faculty Inventors and Keep Commercialization Efforts on Track

The University of South Alabama (USA) noticed there was a growing sense of discontent among faculty. At the same time, the TTO struggled under the weight of disclosures that were taking up money, time and resources before eventually being deemed commercially nonviable.  Tech transfer managers set out to rectify that by creating their Commercialization Roadmap.Now, USA is seeing an unprecedented 90% licensing rate of patented inventions — a rate that’s head and shoulders above the national average. This program will demonstrate, step-by-step, the University of South Alabama’s Commercialization Roadmap — both how it’s used and how it has led to major improvements in faculty satisfaction with the TTO as well as a huge leap in efficiency for the office.

Presented by: Dr. Andrew Byrd, Marketing & Licensing Associate, Intellectual Property Management, University of South Alabama

To make this outstanding collection most useful to you and your organization, with your purchase you receive:

  • On-Demand Video access to all programs
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  • Access to all of the original program materials including slideshows and handouts for attendees
  • Note: A DVD copy of the collection is available for an additional $50.

Plus: You can share it throughout your organization when, where, and how best suits your training needs!

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