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Key Targeting Strategies for University-Industry Partnership Development

A Three-Session Distance Learning Collection
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Partnerships have become increasingly critical to universities and the corporate partners they work with in spurring innovation, building talent pipelines, expanding student opportunities, leveraging expertise, and enhancing economic development efforts. To build partnerships, however, you first need to find those partners whose needs match your university’s strengths and begin the often arduous engagement process – a task that requires much more than a simple Google search.

Whether they be for talent development, sponsored research, philanthropy, or involve a holistic menu of engagement activities, your limited time and resources spent marketing to new potential partners while nurturing the relationships you already have must be laser-focused on where you can realize the greatest return on those efforts.

That’s why we’ve curated this three-program distance learning collection: Key Targeting Strategies for University-Industry Partnership Development. This strategy-filled collection provides detailed guidance on how to identify prime contacts, assign a value to and prioritize potential partners, and ensure you start with a solid understanding of what industry’s needs are. 

Key Targeting Strategies for University-Industry Partnership Development

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Order Key Targeting Strategies for University-Industry Partnership Development today for just $349 (more than $220 off these programs priced separately) and you will receive these three  partnership-building programs in shareable on-demand video and transcript formats — along with all program materials prepared by our expert panelists. (DVD is available for an additional fee.)

Here are some brief details on each program in the collection – click on the titles for more in-depth program and faculty details:

Lessons from Industry Tech Scouts: How Universities Can Meet Industry’s Needs while Fostering Long-Term Partnerships

You’ll hear from both sides of the fence – what corporations are looking for in a partner, and how universities can position themselves to meet those needs. Our expert presenters (Brown University commercialization leaders along with Dow, Inc. technology scout Liz Dhulst and Robert Ashcraft, a 10-year veteran of the Open Innovation team for the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) will detail their unique approaches to tech scouting both from a university and an industry perspective.

Best Practices for Universities in Targeting High-Potential Partnerships

Attracting the right partner, for the right project, at the right time takes a multi-faceted approach that is part marketing and communication, part science, and part data curation. Without each part, your efforts may fall short of expectations on both sides. This business-building program features two university leaders with unique approaches to finding and landing significant collaborations that are driving growth and creating new opportunities on both sides of the deal.

Corporate Tiering Strategies: Identifying and Nurturing High-Value Industry Partnerships

Corporate tiering, a strategy for identifying your most valuable partnerships as well as your best prospects — and for maximizing those engagements in a strategic way for the university — has been utilized by Virginia Tech and the University of Washington for years with great success. Using a data-focused approach, the corporate tiering strategy allows the schools to sift through the thousands of sponsors providing gifts and other research support to identify and cultivate the most important relationships.

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  • Note: A DVD copy of the collection is available for an additional $50.

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