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Streamline Your Agreements Distance Learning Combo

Break down licensing barriers and put deal flow into overdrive!
Format: On-Demand Video, DVD, and PDF Transcript

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Price: $294 (regularly $394) LIMITED-TIME OFFER: SAVE $100!
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licensing barriers What’s the #1 complaint from licensees of university IP?

The lengthy and sometimes arduous task of negotiating a licensing agreement. The typical twists, turns, reviews, approvals and other common detours can derail your agreement before it even gets inked. But you can break down those barriers by carefully defining terms, responsibilities, and compliance expectations up front in two distinctly different types of licenses: “express” licenses and “ready-to-sign” licenses.  These streamlined agreements have been proven to speed licensing deals and alleviate the “hassle factor.”

That’s why we are offering two distance learning programs in one convenient package that focuses squarely on the benefits and drawbacks of each type of streamlined license as well as insight into who is using them and how they are faring.

Plus, with the STREAMLINE YOUR AGREEMENTS COMBO PACKAGE you save $100 – you get both programs and all handout materials for just $294. Here are the details:

Session One:
The Continuing Evolution of Express Licensing

  • Various express license models and how they have evolved since inception
  • Weigh the pros and cons of “click-thru” vs.  “express” licenses
  • How to determine which technologies will benefit most from express licensing
  • Identify best practices for creating an express license from scratch
  • Reveal the benefits and limitations of this popular licensing strategy
  • Provide statistical information from top universities who are employing express licenses
  • The incentives, benefits, and drawbacks for both your TTO and for your partners:
    – Licensees
    – Investors
    – Inventors
    – Government agencies

Session Two:
Ready-to-Sign Licenses: Bring in More Licensing Revenue with Less Effort

  • Benefits for starting a ready-to-sign licensing program
  • Criteria for selecting IP to include in your ready-to-sign program such as:
    • Copyright licenses
    • Unpatented biological material
    • Patents
  • Ensuring “ready-to-sign” doesn’t become “ready-to-steal”
  • Tips for drafting ready-to-sign licenses, including:
    • Tailoring terms according to the IP’s stage and relative value
    • Achieving simplicity is key: what are musts, and what can be cut
    • Indemnity clauses
    • Setting price and other terms
  • How to monitor licensees for compliance
  • Dealing with exceptions: When to negotiate, and when (and why) to say no
  • Effective marketing strategies that get you more signed agreements
  • Online payment structure and use of electronic signatures
  • Dealing with tricky issues – learn from experienced users so you don’t get caught off guard

Your Expert Faculty

Kevin Lei, MS, MBA
Director, Faculty & Start-up Services
Office of Technology Transfer
Emory University

Brian Wright, PhD
Associate Director, Commercialization
Auburn University

David Tollen
Founding partner with Adeli & Tollen

Emily Loughran
Director of Licensing
Office of Intellectual Property and
Industry Sponsored Research

Dean Stell, BS, MBA
Associate Director, Commercialization
Wake Forest Innovations


This 2-program set is available in 3 convenient formats:  DVD, Video On-Demand, or PDF Transcript and comes complete with the original slide presentations created by your expert faculty. With this special combo package, you pay only $294 for both programs – a $100 savings! 

To make this outstanding combo most useful to you and your organization, with your purchase you receive:

  • All programs on DVD
  • On-Demand Video access to all programs
  • PDF Transcripts to all programs
  • Access to all of the original program materials including slideshows and handouts for attendees

Quality and Value

We stand 100% behind the quality and value of our products. If you are dissatisfied, simply let us know and we will send you an immediate refund for your entire order -- no questions asked.

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