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Managing Conflicts of Interest in the Commercialization of University Research

A Three-Session Distance Learning Series for Technology Transfer Professionals
Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD

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Managing conflicts of interest (COIs) between funding sources, faculty researchers, and the start-ups they create is always a tough challenge for tech transfer, sponsored research, and compliance offices that requires much coordination and careful handling.  Although tech transfer and research managers recognize that conflicts are a given during the process of transferring IP either through a license agreement, spinout, or partnership, managing and mitigating those COIs is a seemingly never ending battle – and it’s fraught with danger not only for the university, but also for its faculty.

That’s why we’re created this three-session distance learning collection, to give you and your university a solid set of guidelines and proven strategies to ensure COI issues related to commercialization activity are addressed effectively. Managing Conflicts of Interest in the Commercialization of University Research will bring you up-to-date on important regulatory issues as well as provide practical strategies for tackling the broad spectrum of COI issues you  face and must address in today’s tech transfer and research environment.

Here are the details of the sessions included in this critically important collection. For full agendas and faculty information, click on the individual session titles.

Session One:
Blurred Lines and Gray Areas: Managing Conflicts of Interest in University Tech Transfer and Sponsored Research

This one-hour webinar pools the knowledge of three highly experienced COI veterans to analyze and provide solid guidance on the blurred lines of conflicts as they relate to research, funding, and start-ups in the university setting.

Session Two:
Ensuring Compliance with Financial Conflict of Interest Regs

The latest FCOI regulations established more stringent and prescriptive standards and thresholds for conflict of interest disclosure, assessment and management, new policy and procedure and training requirements, and new requirements for public disclosure of policies and conflicts of interest. Are you sure your institution is following the rules from PHS agencies, including the National Institutes of Health? You’ll get a detailed review of the rules and expert strategies for navigating the compliance challenges they present.

Session Three:
Best Practices for Managing Conflicts of Interest in Faculty Start Ups

As academic start-ups have taken on growing importance, the conflicts of interest associated with them have also grown exponentially. These conflicts cannot be eliminated — in fact savvy TTO managers have come to realize that they are part and parcel of the start-up landscape. But they can and must be effectively managed. This program will teach you how.

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