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IP Attorneys – See below for the latest CLE-approved webinars from our partner Strafford Publications.

Founded in 1984, Strafford Publications, Inc. is a leading national publisher of specialized information services. Tech Transfer Central is pleased to feature the following upcoming webinars from Strafford. Please click the titles for more information (links will take you to our partner’s site):

Biotech Patents and Section 101 Rejections: Meeting Patent Eligibility Requirements

A live CLE webinar on Tuesday, February 12 @ 1:00pm EST

The number of Section 101 rejections over all types of technologies, including biotechnology and software-related patents, has dramatically increased since the Supreme Court’s decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank (U.S. 2014).

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Whether and How to Appeal a PTO Final Refusal: TTAB and Beyond

A live CLE webinar on Tuesday, February 12 @ 1:00pm EST

When the trademark examiner issues a final action refusing the trademark application, the applicant has a window of opportunity to appeal the trademark refusal to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). If the TTAB affirms the final refusal, the applicant can then turn to either the U.S. District Court or the Federal Circuit to appeal. The applicant must determine which avenue of appeal to take, keeping in mind the differing standard of review, the sufficiency of the record, costs, and timing.

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Patent Prosecution Malpractice: Minimizing the Risk of Claims

A live CLE webinar on Thursday, February 21 @ 1:00pm EST

Malpractice risks for patent practitioners increase with the rising complexity of patent practice. For many companies, the most valuable assets are its IP. Consequently, protecting and enforcing IP rights becomes more important. With such high stakes, patent counsel are an easy target if something fails during the prosecution process, whether due to missing deadlines or a strategy that does not work.

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Conducting and Analyzing Prior Art Searches

A live CLE webinar on Wednesday, February 27 @ 1:00pm EST

Prior art searching is a critical step in the U.S. patenting process and in evaluating whether issued U.S. patents will stand up under the rigors of the AIA’s post-grant proceedings, U.S. district court litigation or an International Trade Commission investigation. Also, prior art searching plays a crucial role in assessing how freely a particular technology can be utilized in the U.S. and in performing due diligence related to patent licensing or patent acquisition opportunities.

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New EU Guidelines for Patenting AI and Machine Learning Technologies: Comparison With U.S. Approach

A CLE webinar on Tuesday, February 26 @ 1:00pm EST

Machine learning (ML) is increasingly important and is at work in many things used today, from internet searches to navigating traffic. Inventions in the field of ML pose challenges for patent practitioners seeking patent protection. The European Patent Office (EPO) issued guidance on the patentability of artificial intelligence (AI) and ML technologies, which became effective on Nov. 1, 2018.

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