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Strategic University-Industry Partnerships and Holistic Corporate Engagement

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Format: PDF, Print
Publication Date: 2020
98 pages
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Strategic University-Industry Partnerships and Holistic Corporate EngagementStrategic University-Industry Partnerships and Holistic Corporate Engagement is a must-have 98-page resource is chock-full of proven success strategies for bolstering your industry engagement and corporate partnership efforts and using a holistic approach to expand your valuable industry relationships.

You’ll discover 25+ case studies on how to structure, manage, and grow your collaborations beyond one-off deals and embrace a vision – and a set of best practices – for expanding partnerships to touch every area of the university, from research and talent development to philanthropy and corporate training.

Plus you’ll learn new tactics for expanded, more responsive, and more strategic corporate engagement.

Key methods and models for building strategic, holistic university-industry partnerships revealed!

Strategic University-Industry Partnership and Holistic Corporate Engagement is packed with in-depth articles like these, filled with proven tactics and case studies aimed at expanding partnerships and embracing a more strategic, holistic approach to industry engagement 

  • Iowa State’s partnership with Deere a model of long-term strategic collaboration
  • UQ’s new Industry Connect program guides industry to engagement options
  • Rice annual reports strengthen engagement with top industry partners
  • U of Utah seeks to grow lifetime relationships with start-up companies
  • Desire for more holistic approach drives new industry engagement structures
  • Cornell seeks to build upon early success of industry-friendly GateWay program
  • Research potential partners and broaden your pitch to include holistic engagement
  • U of South Carolina’s new approach yields big results in corporate engagement
  • New one-stop engagement center makes navigation of PSU easier for industry
  • Pitt’s focused collaboration expands into wide range of partner engagements
  • Kansas State’s strategies bring 80% increase in industry-funded research
  • Silo-busting holistic approach to engagement brings big results at U of Minnesota
  • CRM system offers more holistic view of engagement, reveals opportunities
  • Brown U develops new model for ‘scalable’ industry engagement
  • Clemson, GE forge deeper engagement built on 20 years of collaboration

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