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Early-Stage Funding Strategies, Volume II

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36 pages

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As you know all too well, one of the greatest perils in technology transfer is the vast number of innovations that become cash-starved before reaching commercial viability.

Money to feed these “starving” but promising inventions is tighter than ever. A continuing squeeze on federal and private research funding has made it increasingly difficult to secure the gap funding your innovations need before they are “de-risked” enough to attract licensees or investors.

Within the pages of Early Stage Funding Strategies, Volume 2 — an invaluable compilation from the second edition of the 8-volume Tech Transfer Library – you’ll tap into a wealth of creative gap funding ideas needed to move promising technologies out of the lab and along the patch to the commercial market path. Take a look at some of the specific articles you’ll find in this valuable resource:

  • Rutgers creates its own exit strategy for spin-offs
  • University Funds offers new VC model to commercialize technology
  • Financing woes? Create a VC fund exclusively for your university
  • Reap the benefits of student-run investment funds
  • Purdue philanthropy campaign funds university start-ups
  • Public/private initiative seeks to bridge the IP ‘Valley of Death’
  • U of KY launches private firm to help clinicians commercialize inventions

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