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Performance Improvement, Efficiency, and Staffing Strategies, Volume II

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Format: Print, PDF
58 pages

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Implementing program management strategies that boost the overall performance of your staff and the efficiency of your TTO can pay off big with an increased flow of innovations and invention disclosures – and ultimately more licensing deals and start-ups. But being relatively young and specialized, most TTOs don’t have the benefit of well-defined roadmaps for revamping processes and charting a course for boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

Yet a handful of TTO directors and research commercialization managers have blazed their own paths to performance improvement. They’ve streamlined processes, cut paperwork, speeded response time, and boosted staff productivity. Their efforts have paid off handsomely in the form of more license agreements and dramatic increases in revenues. In the pages of Performance Improvement, Efficiency, and Staffing Strategies, Volume 2 — an invaluable compilation from the 8-volume Tech Transfer Library, Vol. 2 — you’ll discover the performance-boosting ideas, strategies, and tactics implemented by these successful TTOs.

Streamline processes, increase productivity, and lay
the groundwork for more licenses and higher revenues

This convenient, low-cost report is filled with best practices, expert guidance, and how-to strategies that will help your office get more done in less time, enhance staff productivity, cut costs, and at the bottom line IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS. Take a look at some of the practical articles you’ll find in this valuable resource:

  • WARF boosts productivity and morale with an organizational revamp
  • U of Virginia revamps tech transfer model to enhance integration, relationships
  • ASU-Penn partnership aims to cut costs, enhance tech transfer results
  • Research Circles: New collaboration model speeds IP commercialization
  • Strategic planning, long-term view help TTOs manage through sour economic times
  • Texas Tech outsources portfolio assessment and start-up development
  • How two small TTOs took different paths to building toward big results
  • TTO launches entrepreneur-in-residence program without spending a cent
  • Use these strategies to slash the cost of patent prosecution
  • University TTOs can adopt lessons learned from DoD tech transfer process
  • Save time and money by implementing software IP management best practices
  • Rutgers incentivizes faculty to use template cooperative research agreements

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