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In research commercialization, the biggest rewards can come from developing lucrative start-ups. But as great as the rewards can be, the challenges associated with start-ups are complex, and mis-steps can severely impact the chances of success.

In the pages of Start Up Strategies — a unique report from the 8-edition Tech Transfer Library Volume 2 — you’ll discover invaluable tactics and strategies you’ll need to turn your ventures into long-term winners for your organization.

Here’s a sneak peek at the articles included in this one-of-a-kind report:

  • ‘Realignment’ is key to U of Utah’s stellar start-up performance
  • Internal marketing helps spur start-up success at Johns Hopkins
  • ‘Virtual incubator’ launches spinoffs, spurs creation of new university TTO
  • ‘Start-up Boot Camp’ helps ease fears among would-be faculty entrepreneurs
  • Start-up boot camp plays central role in shaping entrepreneurial culture
  • For start-up survival, shift gears and focus on revenue
  • Mentor programs help university start-ups make the grade
  • TTO nurtures inventors, technology into the start-up phase
  • Commercialization firm focuses on marketing university start-ups
  • ‘Entrepalooza’ exposes students to ins and outs of creating a business
  • Incubator run by UMich students shows there’s strength in numbers
  • Program helps young entrepreneurs lay foundation for success
  • TTOs seek to bolster start-up activity with VC-type funds
  • Rutgers creates its own exit strategy for spinoffs
  • Service-based spinoff answers the demand for a unique skill set
  • Florida start-ups to double with integrated statewide program
  • Streamlined COI policy guides faculty involved in Rutgers spin-offs
  • Executive-in-residence programs boost start-ups, keep businesses in-state
  • Royalty rate incentive helps keep start-ups in-state
  • Seek extra protections with start-up licenses

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