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Technology Transfer Tactics Best Practices Compendium

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Format: PDF
Publication Date: 2014
492 pages

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The Technology Transfer Tactics BEST PRACTICES COMPENDIUM is chock-full of how-to strategies and proven best practices covering a comprehensive range of the most critical challenges facing tech transfer professionals.

Best TTO Practices Revealed!

This 492-page resource offers a cost-effective way to learn from successful tactics and programs developed and implemented by colleagues at tech transfer offices across the country. With this comprehensive reference you’ll boost your programs results with unprecedented access to proven best practices implemented by dozens of top TTOs.

Here’s just a small fraction of the articles you’ll benefit from:


  • Best practices to make your next technology showcase a blockbuster success
  • Temple uses LinkedIn to help get promising IP into start-up mode
  • Coordinated PR effort lands university TTOs on the front page
  • Pocket-sized ‘coaching card’ helps inventors when pitching

Contracting and Licensing

  • Novel sponsored research agreement model is a hit with corporations
  • Careful drafting can head off the perils of sublicensing
  • Ready-to-sign licensing boosts deal flow, gets dormant IP off the shelf          
  • Evaluation license allows a trial period to “test drive” technologies
  • TTOs often walk a fine line when negotiating rights to improvements
  • Express licenses: Craft realistic standards that fit your mission, needs
  • Use a Negotiating Scorecard to guide your assessment of deal terms

Faculty Outreach and Education

  • In unique patent cost-sharing pilot, USF invites faculty to kick in funds
  • Site miners dig out IP gems and harvest new tech transfer opportunities
  • Purdue’s OTC creates new service to help app developers get to market
  • Keep innovative ideas coming with a well-crafted inventor recognition effort

Operations and Staffing

  • Diligence practices key to capturing misreported, underreported royalties
  • Model for right-sizing TTO staff generates cost savings
  • Reporting templates generate higher licensee compliance, stronger data
  • Measure transactional efficiency to get more bang for your budget bucks
  • Structured intern program helps eliminate backlog of invention disclosures
  • Innovation scorecard helps TTOs to identify strengths, weaknesses

Portfolio Management, Assessment and Triage

  • Tough love sometimes best for non-performing patents
  • TTO advisory panels: Best practices to optimize success
  • “Roadmap” helps educate faculty inventors and supports rigorous IP review
  • Emory’s multi-stage triage process ensures all technologies get equal consideration
  • Decision matrix offers more objective basis for go/no-go decisions


  • Universities inject scientific process into the business of start-up creation
  • The lean start-up: Will it work for your TTO?
  • ‘Nail it and scale it’ approach underlies new collaboration at Ohio
  • U-Minn nurtures early-stage start-ups with Internal Business Units
  • Pre-incubation programs enhance start-up successes, weed out likely losers


  • Gap funding program uses convertible debt structure, seeks rapid ROI
  • Venture philanthropy could ease tech transfer funding crunch
  • University-VC partnerships open new roads for start-ups     
  • How to set up a proof of concept fund: The dos and don’ts
  • Unique model pools angel funds to invest in university’s research


  • Jumpstart industry-sponsored research by reducing IP-related barriers
  • Co-development model aims to attract more industry
  • TTO’s partnership model set to ramp up medical device commercialization

Policies & Procedures

  • In policy shift, tech transfer activity will factor into tenure at U of Arizona
  • Purdue policy deems “automatic reconveyance” after six months
  • Conflict of interest program aims to allay faculty fears, encourage start-ups
  • IP policy shifts at major universities get rave reviews from corporate partners
  • Universities seek broader approaches to student IP rights

Patent and Legal Issues

  • ‘Quick and dirty’ provisionals can come back to haunt your TTO under the AIA 
  • Carnegie Mellon plays hardball with patent infringement and wins big 
  • TTOs have a role to play in handling of litigation hold memoranda 
  • U Hawaii OTT realizes significant savings in legal expenses

Economic Development

  • ‘Ecosystem’ is the magic word in economic development strategy
  • Spin-ins: Another way to boost revenues and support local economic development
  • TTOs put economic development high on priority list

You get all this and dozens of additional best practice-filled articles in this one-of-a-kind compendium. To view the entire table of contents, CLICK HERE.

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