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Technology Transfer TacticsTechnology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter provides in-depth guidance designed to hasten and streamline the commercialization process, as well as maximize the financial benefits of that process for your organization.

Pricing starts at $497 with additional discounts for two and three year subscriptions. These prices are for individual subscriptions only. If you would like for your entire office to receive the newsletter, we have reasonable pricing for multiple user site licenses. Click here for more information.

BONUS: IP Portfolio Management for University Technology Transfer Offices: Assessing, Identifying and Nurturing the Winners

Here are some brief details of the individual programs in the collection – click here for more details.

  1. Best Practices for Performing Provisional Patent Conversion Evaluations: This how-to webinar will focus on what factors TTOs should consider in making their patent conversion decisions, and how to arrive at a solid determination among competing priorities and issues – budget, faculty pressure, competition, IP and development risks, licensee interest, and more.
  1. IP Audit Checklist: Best Practices to Identify, Protect, Monetize and Enforce University IP Assets: This practical session will take you step-by-step through the process and procedures of a general audit, event-driven audit, and limited-purpose IP audit. Includes a free audit checklist template!
  1. Tech Launch Arizona’s Asset Development Program: A Case Study Webinar: Doug Hockstad, TLA’s Assistant Vice President of Technology Transfer, presents this case-study style webinar designed to provide a roadmap for creating an effective asset development program at your university.
  1. The “Need to Knowledge” Stage Gate Model for Objective Assessment and Efficient Advancement of University Innovations: Learn how to identify unmet needs that lead to a technology’s stepwise progression in research discovery, prototype development, and product innovation. Encompassing all activities from inception through post-launch evaluation, the model paints a complete picture of the research, development, and production processes. It also offers step-by-step decision points and guidance regarding what actions should be considered throughout the life cycle of a project. This proven model will give you actionable takeaways you can put it into practice to help advance your most promising innovations while objectively allocating your limited resources.
  1. Using Customer Discovery Techniques to Validate Your University IP’s Commercial Viability: Identifying if an invention has a market — and if it does, how to best engage with those customers — doesn’t have to break the bank. The customer discovery process is proven to provide a solid “go” or “no go” decision while cutting down the product pipeline “transit time” by up to two-thirds, so you can vet more technologies and focus more resources on the winners. You’ll get detailed guidance on implementing the process within your university.
  1. Successful Transition of University IP From Discovery to Market: Case Study of the Johns Hopkins D2M Project: Since the D2M program’s inception, JHTT has seen significant decreases in patent filing costs and an increase in potential for translational funding — plus they’ve identified solid licensees based on student-run analyses. You’ll learn from their successes and get details on the inner workings of the program in this case-study style program.

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