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Best Practices at Top University Business Incubators

Published by UBI Global
By Dhruv Bhatli
Format: PDF
Publication Date: 2014
70 pages

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Best Practices at Top University Business IncubatorsInside this Comprehensive
70-page Report:

  • Best practices for effectively managing your incubator
  • Examples of the most successful business models
  • Strategies to build a sustainable revenue stream
  • How to maximize value from limited operational budgets
  • Proven tactics for acquiring top talent and boosting deal flow
  • Models for screening and selecting great start-up clients

A well-run incubation program can have a long-lasting impact on both university start-up activity as well as the regional economy. The best university incubators are hotbeds of talent that produce a wave of successful companies to drive and sustain growth for the research enterprise as well as in terms of job growth and other critical economic benefits.

But not all incubators produce stellar results. By studying and understanding the elements that go into operating the best-of-the-best university incubators, you can take critical steps to ensure your efforts attain similar long-term results for the university as well as the region. That’s why we developed this unique, detailed reference:

Best Practices at Top University Business Incubators
– Cases and Insights

Inside this one-of-a-kind report, you’ll find detailed success stories and best practices from the top performing university incubators worldwide. This 70-page report features 12 in-depth studies detailing key strategies and insights from the world’s top university incubation managers. Each case study provides expert guidance broken down into four essential areas:

  • Business Model – Viable revenue models, generating commercial revenue, the role of public funding, the role of stakeholders, and how to sustain a business model
  • Operational Budget – How top incubators spend their funds, extracting value from limited budgets, and how budget optimization affects the success of the program
  • Incubator Management – Drivers of successful and effective incubation management and key factors for running and managing a successful business incubation program
  • Deal Flow and Talent – How to ensure a healthy deal flow, managing talent pipelines, attracting and screening great startup clients, and the importance of managing the brand and the ecosystem

Don’t miss these detailed roadmaps to success from the
top performing university business incubators in the world

Featured Incubators:
Top 12 in the World

Rice Alliance, USA • Venture Lab, USA SETsquared, UK • ATP Innovations, Australia NDRC, Ireland • STING, Sweden Innovation Center Sunshine Coast, Australia Startup Sauna, Finland • TEC Edmonton, Canada Sid Martin, USA • Star Tau, Israel NUS, Singapore

The featured incubators include 12 of the most successful university programs in the world. With each featured program you’ll find:

  • Incubator Profiles – Including program background, statistics, overview, and key insights.
  • Success Stories – Auditude, incubated at Rice Alliance, was acquired by Adobe for $120M; Pasuteria Bioscience, incubated at Sid Martin, was acquired by Sygenta for $113M. These are just two of the many success stories you’ll learn more about in this must-have report.
  • Interviews – Get in-depth interviews with the CEOs and directors of the featured top university incubators.
  • Key Takeaways – You’ll receive a summary of key takeaways that you can incorporate into your own program.
  • Benchmark Performances – Learn first-hand the business models of these top university incubators along with key performance indicators.
  • Best Practices – Top incubator managers share their secrets, tips, solutions and advice so you can adapt the best practices and ensure your incubator becomes a top performer too!

Best Practices at Top University Business Incubators is the only resource one of its kind, presenting key figures about the performance of each featured incubator and detailed guidance from top performing incubators that readers can adapt to their own situation. No other resource will provide you with the quality or depth of information covered.

Quality insights from an international research
team specializing in benchmarking incubators

Best Practices at Top University Business Incubators report was built by UBI Global, a European initiative established to help incubators around the world become more efficient and competitive. Based in Stockholm, with an international research team, UBI Global has also successfully released the first benchmark study, the Top University Business Incubators Global Benchmark.

The author of Best Practices at Top University Business Incubators is Dhruv Bhatli, a Paris-based researcher and entrepreneur who is a company principal and spearheads the research and product development at UBI Global. He is also the author of numerous research papers for internationally reputed journals while concurrently teaching at management programs of numerous European business schools.

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