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World Benchmark Report, 5th Edition

Data, Insights, and Best Practices from Business Incubators and Accelerators
Published by UBI Global
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World Benchmark ReportThe World Benchmark Report is the fifth edition of this gold-standard benchmark study of business incubators and accelerators

Innovation is changing the world. And around the world business incubation and acceleration programs are striving to offer the most cutting-edge facilities, services, tools, and support of their startup clients on the verge of greatness. How are business incubators and accelerators providing value to their startup clients? By incorporating innovative strategies and findings from the World Benchmark Report.

This 5th Edition features 364 university, private, and corporate programs from 82 countries and 509 locations worldwide

The programs featured in the World Benchmark Report includes the largest sample to date. Programs are benchmarked within their own peer groups based on three categories, seven subcategories, and twenty-one KPIs to reach an overall impact and performance score. And for the first time research has been extended beyond university incubators and accelerators to include public, private and corporate programs.

Discover best practices and performance data from 364 of the world’s top incubators and accelerators and learn how to:

  • Provide external support for corporate innovation
  • Forge connections between startups, markets, and academia
  • Encourage diversity and inclusiveness in entrepreneurs and ecosystems
  • Cultivate a ‘born global’ mindset in your entrepreneurs
  • Construct digital service portfolios

The World Benchmark Report includes the classification of business incubators and accelerators into distinct groups and subgroups to allow for more precise analysis and evaluation of the impact and result. Each of the 364 participating programs was assigned into one of the following designated groups:

  • Business incubatorPrograms supporting early-stage client startups in becoming viable and scalable businesses
  • Business acceleratorIncludes fixed-term cohort-based programs focusing on catalyzing late-state client startup growth
  • HybridOf the 364 benchmarked incubators and accelerators, 166 provide both incubation and acceleration services

The World Benchmark Report is the only resource of its kind, presenting key figures and detailed guidance from top performing incubators that readers can adapt to their own situation. No other resource will provide you with the quality or depth of information covered.

Here are some of the key areas examined in this 115-page report:

  • Technology trends
  • Industry and sector growth
  • Employee data
  • Startup activity
  • Best practices
  • Service portfolio must-haves
  • Event details
  • Importance of partners and sponsors
  • Impact of mentors and coaches

Priced at just $199 and delivered immediately in PDF, this report is an affordable must-have for every incubator and accelerator

The World Benchmark Report features the best business incubators and accelerators in the world. These programs opened up to share knowledge about their most important achievements, best practices, and how to overcome any challenge:

“UBI Global’s expertise in evaluating business incubators is conducive to our goal to partner with, and learn from, the best incubators worldwide.”

Dr Kurt Höller
Director of Business Creation
EIT Health

“The World Benchmark study is an excellent opportunity to learn, be ranked, and be benchmarked against our peers. It is also a good way for us to stay on top of our data.”

Courtney Klein
Phoenix, AZ

“The benchmark is helpful in acquiring customized impact and performance reporting materials for use far into the future.”

Hussaina Bakari
Centre Manager
Technology Incubation Centre
Jalingo, Nigeria

About the Publisher

World Benchmark Report: Data, Insights, and Best Practices from Business Incubators and Accelerators is the latest report from UBI Global, a pioneer in measuring and analyzing the impact and performance of university-linked business incubators and accelerators.

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