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University-Industry Engagement Advisor

University-Industry Engagement Advisor

University-Industry Engagement AdvisorThe challenges for industry engagement and corporate relations professionals just keep getting tougher, more complex, and more critical to their universities. The competition for corporate partnerships has grown substantially, and so has the need for an integrated approach that provides potential industry partners with all options available for engagement.

Universities that are making corporate engagement a priority – and taking a holistic approach to enhancing industry relations – are finding great success and bringing in new dollars, new resources, and new, more strategic partnerships.

At the same time, however, many institutions are still facing the challenge of limited resources coupled with a confusing array of decentralized access points for industry: Research Office, TTO, Foundation, Corporate Relations, and others. This siloed approach makes it difficult to fully leverage corporate relationships.

That’s why we’ve launched a unique, how-to publication that helps universities embrace the increasingly nuanced and holistic approach to industry engagement — and prepares their campuses, staff, faculty, policies, and planning mechanisms for a new level of integrated and strategic corporate collaboration.


University-Industry Engagement Advisor

Your one-stop source for expert guidance on attracting and stewarding long-term corporate partnerships

After two-years of publishing Industry-Sponsored Research Management, we are relaunching as University-Industry Engagement Advisor to better reflect the many aspects of holistic corporate partnership development. We will continue to cover key issues and success strategies for forming and managing research collaborations. We will also focus on all the critical challenges and opportunities that fall within the holistic approach to industry engagement. This wider focus will address the many aspects of holistic corporate partnership development and management that are crucial responsibilities of corporate relations and industry engagement professionals.  

Take a look at some of topics you’ll find with the expanded coverage in University-Industry Engagement Advisor:

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Research Collaborations
  • Philanthropy
  • Workforce Development
  • In-kind Contributions
  • Internships and Externships
  • Economic and Ecosystem Development
  • Recruitment and Talent Pipeline Development
  • Business Advising and Services
  • Startup Funding and Development
  • Clinical Trials




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Check out this brief sampling of the topics we’ll be covering in University-Industry Engagement Advisor:

  • Metrics and benchmarks for corporate engagement
  • Breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration among industry-facing departments
  • Leveraging alumni relationships for engagement and partnership
  • Co-location: embedding corporate research teams on campus and researchers at corporations
  • Triaging workload to focus on top partners
  • Models for developing talent pipelines for industry
  • Tax and COI compliance issues
  • Overcoming cultural differences between industry and academia
  • Engaging faculty to assist in industry marketing
  • Corporations as start-up funders/collaborators
  • Staffing/workload issues
  • Crafting win-win contracts for long-term success
  • CRM and other internal tools and systems
  • Economic development partnerships
  • Defining and marketing based on university strengths
  • Intellectual property: Balancing university rights with industry needs
  • Curriculum development with industry input
  • Attracting international companies and working across borders

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Our coverage will informed by our continuing partnership between publisher 2Market Information and UIDP, the leading national membership group devoted to helping universities and corporations strengthen their partnerships. The group is comprised of both leading research universities and industry members.  

Given the millions of dollars at stake in your industry engagement efforts – you simply can’t afford to be without this practical, how-to publication. And with the $100 discount, the free archives and the free distance learning program, we’ve made your decision even easier.