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Steer clear of damaging non-compliance problems associated with Bayh-Dole, export control regs, conflicts of interest, research funding rules, and more.

Release date: March 24 2021
Post-License Royalty Audits: Strategies for Discovering, Managing and Avoiding Discrepancies in Reporting Explore critical issues associated with royalty reporting and compliance, and proven strategies for ensure you receive every penny you deserve ... more »

Release date: March 11 2021
All Access Pass – Free 72 Hour Trial This trial program gives you a complete arsenal of tech transfer benchmarks, best practices, and success strategies ... more »

Release date: February 23 2021
Data as Intellectual Property: Policy, Protection, and Licensing for Universities This collection will give you a clear roadmap for how to nail down data policies and address tricky issues related to privacy ... more »

Release date: January 22 2021
Technology Transfer Tactics 3-month Trial Subscription If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Technology Transfer Tactics subscriber, now is the perfect time with this 3-month trial subscription ... more »

Release date: December 8 2020
Reinforcing University IP Policies to Protect Data Ownership & Monetization Learn how to examine your existing IP policies for all types of data coverage and identify gaps that need reinforcing ... more »

Release date: November 19 2020
Ultimate Newsletter Subscription Combo Get two monthly publications featuring best practices, case studies, proven strategies and benchmarks ... more »

Release date: September 17 2020
Faculty Consulting Agreements: Mitigating COIs while Supporting Faculty Inventors Get clear guidance on the critical policies and procedures need to mitigate COIs associated with your faculty’s consulting agreements ... more »

Release date: July 27 2020
Critical Research Compliance Update for Universities: Focus on the Thousand Talents Program and Export Control Strategies for solidifying your compliance program while providing insight into the risks associated with the Thousand Talents Program and other programs ... more »

Release date: July 13 2020
Combatting Heightened Cybersecurity Risks to University-Based IP Due to Remote Work Explore IT and cybersecurity risks and requirements associated with research activity, and apply them to your institution’s processes and remote workforce ... more »

Release date: June 11 2020
Risk Assessment and Reporting Requirements for Foreign Research Relationships This collection is dedicated to improving your assessment strategies and compliance with reporting requirements ... more »

Release date: February 20 2020
Navigating Foreign Relationships and Reporting Requirements in University Research Get a solid plan of action for both policy and real-world practice from a foreign research compliance veteran ... more »

Release date: December 5 2019
Data Licensing and Privacy Protection Workshop for University TTOs This program will address the big issues universities are facing with the legalities of using clinical data, images, and health records ... more »