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Improve your TTO’s performance by establishing current performance metrics and seeking improvements based on best practices.

Release date: March 11 2021
All Access Pass – Free 72 Hour Trial This trial program gives you a complete arsenal of tech transfer benchmarks, best practices, and success strategies ... more »

Release date: January 22 2021
Technology Transfer Tactics 3-month Trial Subscription If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Technology Transfer Tactics subscriber, now is the perfect time with this 3-month trial subscription ... more »

Release date: December 1 2020
Mind the Gap Report A one-of-a-kind guide for current and aspiring university gap fund managers detailing 141 gap funding programs affiliated with 84 research institutions ... more »

Release date: November 19 2020
Ultimate Newsletter Subscription Combo Get two monthly publications featuring best practices, case studies, proven strategies and benchmarks ... more »

Release date: August 24 2020
Survey of Technology Transfer Office Experience During the Pandemic Get an in-depth set of data comparing university TTOs’ responses to the adversity and unprecedented challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic ... more »

Release date: July 24 2020
Setting TTO Performance Benchmarks Based on Comparable Data Sets of Peer Institutions Explore methods for setting reasonable benchmarks for your TTO’s performance based on linear peer data comparisons ... more »

Release date: July 22 2020
International Trends in Patents, Research Funding and Technology for Unmanned Aerial Systems This in-depth report examines international trends and developments of unmanned aerial drones in universities, governments, militaries and private industry ... more »

Release date: July 22 2020
Trends in Global Research in Water Desalination and Decontamination This in-depth report profiles the water desalination and decontamination work taking place in major universities and in non-profits and government agencies ... more »

Release date: June 3 2020
International Survey of Best Practices in Online Education for Research Universities A one-of-a-kind source of specialized survey data on transitioning to online education from 48 of the world’s leading research universities ... more »

Release date: February 17 2020
World Benchmark Report 2019/2020 Discover best practices and the latest trends from 364 of the world’s top incubators and accelerators ... more »

Release date: August 12 2019
The Tech Transfer Book of Best Practices The Tech Transfer Book of Best Practices is full of how-to strategies and case studies covering the most critical challenges facing tech transfer profession ... more »

Release date: May 6 2019
The Ultimate University Incubator & Accelerator Benchmark Package Three reports filled with critical data and insights on best practices among the world’s university startup incubators and accelerators ... more »