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See below for our archive of resources available for tech transfer start-ups, covering every aspect of academic spinoff creation, nurturing, and management.

Release date: March 11 2021
All Access Pass – Free 72 Hour Trial This trial program gives you a complete arsenal of tech transfer benchmarks, best practices, and success strategies ... more »

Release date: March 4 2021
Idea-to-Market: A Course in Technology Commercialization This proven, high-level program will provide you with the strategic foundation for planning the most successful route to the marketplace ... more »

Release date: February 24 2021
The University of Delaware’s Spin In® Program: Stimulate Economic and Workforce Development Via Experiential Student Entrepreneurship Programs A detailed look into the program's partnership process that produces gains in economic and workforce development while nurturing student entrepreneurship ... more »

Release date: February 10 2021
When License Negotiations Sour: Tips for Mending Fences and Saving the Deal Explore common scenarios that can bring negotiations to a screeching halt and proven tactics used to ‘mend fences’ to get the conversations moving again ... more »

Release date: February 5 2021
Building A Pitch Deck: How the University of South Carolina’s TCO Assists Innovators in Building a “Fundable” Business Story Learn how to tell your start up’s story in a captivating, creative pitch deck that wow investors and potential partners – and gets the backing it to succeed ... more »

Release date: January 22 2021
Technology Transfer Tactics 3-month Trial Subscription If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Technology Transfer Tactics subscriber, now is the perfect time with this 3-month trial subscription ... more »

Release date: December 1 2020
Mind the Gap Report A one-of-a-kind guide for current and aspiring university gap fund managers detailing 141 gap funding programs affiliated with 84 research institutions ... more »

Release date: November 19 2020
Ultimate Newsletter Subscription Combo Get two monthly publications featuring best practices, case studies, proven strategies and benchmarks ... more »

Release date: November 19 2020
Creating and Showcasing Technology Maps as an Economic Development Tool This program will guide you through the process so you can have a visual representation of your economic ecosystem and the opportunities it presents ... more »

Release date: October 21 2020
Understanding Equity Dilution and Its Effects on University Start-ups Discover drafting equity share dilution provisions that won't leaving your founders or your university out in the cold ... more »

Release date: October 7 2020
Best Practices for De-Risking University Innovations from Discovery to Exit This program will explore multiple approaches to de-risk your portfolio and learn UNeTech’s “secret sauce” of processes and strategies ... more »

Release date: September 17 2020
Faculty Consulting Agreements: Mitigating COIs while Supporting Faculty Inventors Get clear guidance on the critical policies and procedures need to mitigate COIs associated with your faculty’s consulting agreements ... more »