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Budget and Productivity Hacks for University TTOs

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Originally presented: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

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At universities across the globe, the purse strings are tighter than ever – and tech transfer offices are feeling it.

The pandemic and its economic fallout has left no university unaffected — from world-renowned research institutions and large academic medical centers to smaller schools whose TTO budgets were already thin.

Many TTOs report being busier than ever as technologies related to COVID-19 pour in, but staff and budget dollars are likely to decline,  while expectations from administration are not likely to see a similar reduction.

Tech transfer professionals are a determined and innovative bunch, and they’ll need every bit of that ingenuity to keep up with disclosures, tech assessments, patents, licensing negotiations, start-up support, marketing and outreach, and the myriad tasks that make up a busy TTO’s days.

It will take some creative “hacks” to boost productivity and squeeze every drop out of your budget. To help guide you, we’ve teamed up with TTO directors from two distinctly different offices to share their plans and strategies for getting the job done – and done well – with fewer resources. Please join Andrew R.O. Watson, PhD, CLP, Senior Director of OHSU Technology Transfer, and H. Victoria Bryant, Director of the Wyoming Technology Transfer and Research Products Center (WTT-RPC) at the University of Wyoming, for this strategy-filled webinar:

Budget and Productivity Hacks for University TTOs

Dr. Watson leads a department of 20+ staff members across multiple teams, while Ms. Bryant heads up a two-person team that is already lean on resources. Each has a unique set of challenges, and they are ready to reveal their best “hacks” to create a budget, staffing plan, and meet productivity expectations in light of unplanned resource constraints brought on by the pandemic. 

Here’s a quick look at what our panelists will cover:

  • Background of each TTO’s mission, budget, staff levels, etc. and how they have been affected by COVID-19
  • Dealing with the fallout of massive revenue shortfalls
  • Advice specifically for small offices who already operate with lean resources
  • What factors are being considered in their FY21 budgets
  • Budget analysis line-by-line:
    • Staffing levels
    • Patent services
    • Operational costs
    • Evaluating CRM, database subscriptions and the like
    • Technology and security considerations for remote workers
  • Keeping the innovation pipeline flowing with attention to:
    • Disclosure triage
    • Evaluating the use of outside counsel vs in-house patent staff
    • Making the most of your databases and marketing functions
    • Alternative staffing strategies

Meet Your Program Leaders:   

Andrew R.O. WatsonAndrew R.O. Watson, PhD, CLP
Senior Director
OHSU Technology Transfer
Oregon Health & Science University

In his current role, Dr. Watson manages all aspects of technology transfer, intellectual property, technology evaluation and development, licensing, and commercialization for Oregon Health & Science University. 

He is responsible for the overall management of the university’s technology transfer office and is responsible for developing and implementing university policies, providing leadership in developing strategies for corporate collaborations, and serves as an OHSU spokesperson for matters relating to intellectual property, commercialization and the economic impact of OHSU’s research.

Since taking on the leadership of technology transfer in 2012, Dr. Watson and his team have more than doubled the number of annual commercialization agreements, led a dramatic shift in faculty satisfaction, and established new programs and sources of revenue to support the ongoing efforts at the university. 

Previously, Dr. Watson served as a Technology Development Officer in the Office of Technology Development at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego and in technology transfer roles with Health Research Inc. and the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc., in New York. He came to OHSU in 2007 as a Technology Development Manager before being promoted to Director in 2012.

H. Victoria BryantVictoria Bryant, JD, MSC
Wyoming Technology Transfer and Research Products Center
University of Wyoming

Ms. Bryant began working in the WTT-RPC in 2011 as an intern during the summer between her second and third years of law school and continued there as a part-time employee while she worked on her PhD. She then moved into a permanent position first as the Assistant Director, and she was promoted to Director in 2019. Victoria is a licensed patent attorney and is admitted to practice law in Washington State.

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