Effectively Use Patent Landscaping to Plot Your IP Commercialization Action Plan
Originally presented October 28, 2011

Patent landscape reports can be highly useful to university TTOs when making policy decisions, in strategic planning, for making patent investment decisions, when conducting competitive analysis, and as an aid in marketing your IP, among other things. These reports describe the patent situation for a specific technology, and the results can be analyzed to identify certain patterns of patenting activity or trends in innovation for specific technology arenas.

While this information can be invaluable, a single report has the drawback of only offering a snapshot of the patenting situation at a certain point in time -- so having a continuous monitoring plan in place is a key best practice that assures your decisions are well-informed.

To assist you in creating and maintaining a thorough patent landscaping plan, Technology Transfer Tactics' Distance Learning Division has recruited a top patent landscape expert to guide you through the process. Please join Patrick J. Kelly, PhD, a partner in the Philadelphia office of the Ballard Spahr law firm, for this insightful and practical program:

Effectively Use Patent Landscaping
to Plot Your IP Commercialization Action Plan

Attendees will learn:

Your Expert Presenter:

Patrick J. Kelly is a partner in the Intellectual Property Department and a member of the biotechnology practice team in the Patents Group, as well as a member of the Life Sciences/Technology Group, with Ballard Spahr. His practice focuses on intellectual property matters related to the life sciences. Dr. Kelly advises pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and scientific instrumentation companies and venture capitalists. His extensive experience includes working as on-site intellectual property counsel to pharmaceutical and scientific instrumentation companies; conducting validity, due diligence, and freedom-to-operate studies; maintaining a biotech IP estate; and preparing and prosecuting patent applications related to molecular biology. Dr. Kelly also represents clients in several biotech incubators in Pennsylvania, as well as academic clients. His background includes knowledge of numerous scientific fields, including biochemistry, immunology, virology, proteomics, genomics, transgenic animals, drug delivery systems, and the preparation of proteins by recombinant DNA methods.