Selling university IP in cyberspace: Best practices in web-based marketing for tech transfer professionals
Originally presented November, 2008

Web-based marketing is an essential, low cost component to any TTO’s marketing plan. If you’re not incorporating search engine marketing and optimization, email, social marketing, and other valuable web marketing channels into your overall strategy, you’re missing out on golden opportunities to promote and license your organization’s technologies.

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics and Intellectual Property Marketing Advisor have teamed up with a duo of web marketing veterans - an SEO, SEM and website expert and an email marketing guru - to bring you a practical, strategy-filled 90-minute webinar:

Selling University IP In Cyberspace: Best Practices In Web-Based Marketing For Tech Transfer Professionals

In this how-to session, you’ll learn detailed tactics and techniques to turn your website and electronic marketing efforts into valuable tools for building your TTO’s brand, generating leads, and getting your IP if front of more licensee “eyeballs” — so you can sign more deals.

You’ll learn:

Meet Your Faculty:

Stoney deGeyter, a pioneer in search engine optimization who developed the concept of “Destination” SEM. He is founder and president of Reno, NV-based Pole Position Marketing, a leading search engine marketing business. Stoney regularly posts his SEO and business insights at the E-Marketing Performance (EMP) blog, where you can also find his e-books: E-Marketing Performance: Effective Strategies For Building, Optimizing and Marketing Your Website Online; and Keyword Research and Selection: The Definitive Guide to Gathering, Sorting and Organizing Your Keywords Into a High-Performance SEO Campaign. In addition to his duties at Pole Position Marketing, Stoney is associate editor at Search Engine Guide, where he writes frequently on SEO, website architecture and usability.

Lisa Girolamo is director of interactive marketing for Pixel Bridge, a full-service web marketing firm in Boston. Lisa has been planning and executing interactive marketing strategies for more than a decade with a wide variety of clients including Comcast, Black & Decker Corporation, and the University of Notre Dame), translating marketing and business goals into robust, ROI-driven online experiences. Prior to joining Pixel Bridge, she served as manager of interactive services at Blitz Media. She is a contributing writer for’s Online Advertising Guide and is a member of the Executive Committee for the Boston Interactive Media Association.

Who Should Listen
Technology transfer managers and professionals, marketing managers and staff, research commercialization directors, IP managers, licensing specialists, start-up managers, entrepreneurs, university research VPs, IP consultants and attorneys, and others with an interest in driving licensing activity through expert electronic marketing strategies.