University Researchers: Tap Into Your Inner CEO
Originally presented May 20, 2010

"A GREAT opportunity for faculty outreach and education!"

You can strategize and plan all you want, but when it comes to commercialization of university research, without the science and the faculty innovators behind it, you have nothing.

Extracting that science from the labs and getting disclosures is hard enough, but to actually get your researchers to work cooperatively in licensing their technologies and starting up companies is an even tougher challenge - one that involves overcoming cultural barriers, as well as often-gaping knowledge gaps. In short, faculty outreach and education is critical to the success of your tech transfer efforts.

That's why Technology Transfer Tactics' Distance Learning Division has recruited John Morris, Executive Director with the Center for Entrepreneurial Growth, to present this exciting 90-minute program. Mr. Morris will provide you and your faculty with the tools, strategies, insights, and know-how needed to overcome resistance, unfounded fears, cultural barriers, and gaps in business understanding. Enroll today - and invite your team of faculty innovators -- to learn:


John Morris - Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Growth
Mr. Morris is the Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Growth, an entrepreneurial support organization of Technology 2020 (University of Tennessee) focused on the development of entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Tennessee Valley Corridor. He has worked with technology businesses for 25 years. Holding degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mr. Morris has been instrumental in forming five technology commercialization ventures, utilizing technology from five different disciplines. He began his career in engineering design with Tennessee Valley Authority at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant. He then moved to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and worked in artificial intelligence and expert systems research. Mr. Morris's first small business experience was with Consultec Scientific, Inc., a Knoxville-based startup focused on technology transfer and commercialization. Eventually becoming President and CEO, he led the effort to start three companies from Consultec. One of the companies, NetLearning, Inc., is an Internet-based e-Learning company focused on the healthcare market. Under his leadership as President and CEO, NetLearning grew from an idea to serving 500 hospitals nationwide in seven years. Thomson Corporation acquired it in 2004. Mr. Morris also served as President and CEO of Sunlight Direct, an alternative energy start-up with licensed technology from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.